Dining at Sunrise: The Comforts of Home

, Sunrise VP of Dining  |  July 20, 2011


At Sunrise, the small touches that provide residents with the comforts of home are of utmost importance. And, we know that nothing does this better than a delicious home-cooked meal.

The Sunrise Dining program is designed to provide a unique dining experience that residents can enjoy and appreciate every day. Mealtime is often considered the most anticipated event of the day at Sunrise communities. It not only provides social time for residents to gather and converse, but also becomes an opportunity for our teams to feed their souls by reinforcing each resident’s dignity and freedom of choice. This makes the Sunrise dining experience:

Everything from the daily menu to the table setting is designed with seniors’ preferences and wellness in mind in order to make their dining experience as enjoyable as possible. Residents are regularly given an opportunity to consult with the community’s culinary team with their feedback, give recommendations and discuss their dietary preferences. The team then tailors their menus to their residents’ voiced interests and favorites. Many residents even offer their own family recipes that become a new community hit!

Nutritious and Fresh
Dishes are prepared from fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. Each menu features selections that are lower in sodium and fat, and high in fiber. At Sunrise, the culinary team knows that many appreciate their old favorites, but for those that are more adventurous, the menu regularly offers exciting new options and flavors. We recognize that our residents grew up in an era when fresh ingredients were staples and home-cooked meals were standard. That’s why we gathered some of the most popular recipes, featuring nutritious and fresh ingredients into our Recipes from the Heart cookbook. Click here to download the cookbook and try out some of our favorite recipes.

Accommodating of Individual Needs
The Sunrise Dining team is committed to serving food that continues to delight residents through different stages of aging by tailoring meals to a variety of residents’ unique needs. As we age, our taste buds and sense of smell decline, making it more difficult to taste our food. Knowing this, our culinary team selects ingredients and recipes that are the most flavorful and smell delicious.

Our team is familiar with many health challenges that seniors face, such as diabetes, and we work to provide residents meals that meet their specific dietary needs. If a resident has difficulties chewing, our team preserves his or her dignity by cutting the food into smaller pieces behind closed doors in the kitchen, never in the dining room. In our Reminiscence neighborhoods, residents with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of memory loss are provided choices and the same high-quality meals as our Assisted Living residents.

Peaceful and Safe
The Sunrise Dining team aims to make mealtimes as homelike as possible for residents. You wouldn’t sit and eat in silence at your family kitchen table, and neither do our residents. Familiar music softly plays in the background during mealtimes in order to foster a welcoming, pleasant atmosphere that encourages social interaction. To help residents feel further relaxed, our team is trained to watch for residents who show signs of difficulty chewing or swallowing and to adjust meals accordingly.

The Sunrise Dining program is built on the tenets of nutrition, individual choice and enjoying the comforts of home. Just as the dining room table has been a central place of gathering for years, our dining rooms are bustling with conversations and talk of the day’s activities, news and stories. Sunrise residents will agree: there’s nothing better (or more important) than enjoying a delicious meal together!

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