Sunrise CareConnect

Sunrise CareConnect is an electronic health record system that helps Sunrise provide a deep level of individualized and attentive care. Powered by PointClickCare, this sophisticated and secure tool supports resident care, patient care coordination, and family communication by providing a holistic picture of residents’ health and care delivery.

From medications and dietary needs to activities of daily living and personal preferences, Sunrise CareConnect allows caregivers, healthcare professionals, therapists, and pharmacists to access and document nearly every facet of a resident’s care continuum.

Thanks to Sunrise CareConnect, you can expect:

  • Highly personalized care
  • Diligent medication management
  • Easily obtained, comprehensive family updates
  • Thorough care coordination with healthcare providers
  • Consistent care across caregivers and team members

Contact your local community to learn more about Sunrise CareConnect and our approach to leveraging technology.

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