As the global COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic evolves, we are consulting with a number of clinical and infectious disease specialists, including the CDC, CMS, and local health authorities. In accordance with guidance from these experts, we’ve developed our phased Resumption of Operations plan.

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Phased Resumption of Operations Plan

We’ve designed a dynamic plan to help our residents continue to enjoy all they love about life at Sunrise.

Restricted Operations: Communities in this phase have active cases of COVID-19 or community members exhibiting symptoms of the virus. During this time:

  • Infection control protocols remain in place
  • Residents continue to self-quarantine in their suites
  • Meals are delivered to residents in their suites
  • Team members provide 1:1 programming in residents’ suites
  • Regular Suite Stops and Hydration Stops take place throughout the day

Phase One: Communities that have satisfied applicable federal, state, and local requirements may enter this phase when they have met certain criteria, including 14 days without an active, confirmed case of COVID-19. During this time, infection control protocols remain in place and residents may participate in:

  • Socially distanced dining in community common areas
  • Outdoor, socially distanced small-group programming
  • Scheduled, socially distanced, outdoor visitation with friends and family
  • Scheduled appointments with the community’s in-house hair stylist
  • Outdoor activities to enjoy fresh air

Please know that we weigh these steps very carefully. Each community’s specific Phase One plan may vary slightly based on local area restrictions and other factors.

Phase Two: Communities that are currently in Phase One for at least 14 days may enter Phase Two once they have also met applicable federal, state, and local requirements. During this time, infection control protocols remain in place and communities may offer additional opportunities for residents to enjoy community resources and common areas:

  • Additional socially distanced small-group programming, such as scenic van rides and cooking clubs
  • More opportunities to socialize outside of suites with other residents in designated common areas while maintaining social distance and wearing masks
  • The use of the community’s bistro during off-meal hours 
  • Scheduled access to community amenities, which may include the library, gym, and game rooms
  • Small-group clergy services and discussions

We weigh these steps carefully. Things can change quickly in our current environment, which may impact our operations. It is also important to remember that each community’s specific Phase One and Phase Two plans may vary based on local area restrictions and other factors.

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