As the global COVID-19 pandemic evolves, we are consulting with a number of clinical and infectious disease specialists, including the CDC, CMS, and local health authorities. We remain firmly focused on promoting the health and safety of our residents and team members.

Vaccine clinics: We are actively scheduling COVID-19 vaccine clinics throughout our communities. Contact your local community for specific information on how to participate.*

Protecting Our Communities
We’re supporting our communities through infection control, testing, and vaccinations.
Engaging Residents and Families
We’re taking great care to keep our residents engaged and connected with their loved ones in a safe manner.
Adapting + Resuming Operations
We’re assessing how to introduce safely conducted group activities, in-person visitation, and more.

Response Measures and Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Sunrise residents and team members receive the COVID-19 vaccine?
We are pleased that experts at the CDC and FDA have prioritized healthcare workers and long-term care residents to receive the vaccine as it becomes available. We are actively preparing for the distribution of the vaccine to our team members and residents. We are strongly encouraging all residents and team members to participate in an upcoming COVID-19 vaccine clinic at their community, subject to and consistent with public health laws and guidelines. With each vaccine administered, the risk of infection within our community is incrementally reduced. For more information on COVID-19 vaccines, visit COVIDVaccineFacts.org.

Can new Sunrise residents receive the COVID-19 vaccine?
The dates, times, and availability of vaccine clinics vary by community and are managed by CVS Health. New residents must be moved in to a participating community at least 10 days in advance of the vaccine clinic date, with a signed Residency Agreement and complying with any contractual obligations upon move-in.* Contact your local community to learn more.

How are Sunrise residents remaining active?
We continue to find new, creative ways to engage with residents. From safely conducted 1:1 activities in residents’ suites and individualized engagement kits to themed Suite Stops with snacks and beverages, our team members are maintaining their personal connections and delivering plenty of smiles. Learn more about our programs and activities and read about a day in the life of a Sunrise resident.

How are family members being updated and engaged?
It’s never been more important to communicate with our Sunrise families. We’re staying in touch with frequent emails, virtual town halls, and phone calls and encouraging transparent, two-way conversations. In addition, through our family engagement app, family members are able to conveniently view photos, videos, activities, dining menus, and more—helping everyone stay in touch and up to date. They can even share their own pictures and videos of important moments, such as the birth of a new family member. Learn more about our family engagement efforts.

What kind of visitation is allowed in Sunrise communities?
To help our residents stay connected with friends and family, since the start of the pandemic, we have sent more than 1,200 iPads to our communities to facilitate video chats via Skype and FaceTime. As communities resume operations, they are introducing safely conducted indoor and outdoor visits with friends and family, depending on their status. Learn more about visitation guidelines throughout our Phased Resumption of Operations plan.

How are residents receiving meals?
Cuisine has always been an essential part of our residents’ experience, and we continue to dedicate ourselves to providing nutritious, homemade meals. During this time, we are delivering meals to our residents’ suites and going the extra mile to celebrate things like birthdays and anniversaries with special food. As restrictions ease, limited dining room activity will commence with socially distanced seating. Learn more about our dining program.

*Clinic dates, times, and availability vary by community and are managed by CVS Health. To be considered for participation in a vaccine clinic, a resident must be moved in to a participating U.S. community 10 days in advance of the scheduled clinic date. No respite or short-term stays will be eligible to participate; all contractual obligations must be satisfied upon move-in, including payment of a move-in fee to the extent permitted by applicable laws. Note that the COVID-19 vaccine is given in two rounds and the second round will be scheduled accordingly.  

What Residents and Families are Saying About Our COVID-19 Response