Our Mission

More than 40 years ago, Paul and Terry Klaassen founded Sunrise based on a clear mission: 

To champion quality of life for all seniors.

Our Principles of Service

Preserving Dignity
Every Sunrise resident receives the respect they deserve

Nurturing the Spirit
We care for the whole person: mind, body, and spirit

Celebrating Individuality
Every Sunrise resident has a life story that we want to hear and understand

Enabling Freedom of Choice
At Sunrise, options are a way of life

Encouraging Independence
We promote self-reliance in whatever ways are possible and comfortable for you

Involving Family and Friends
Communication with your family is a top priority, and your family and friends are always welcome at our community at any time day or night

Our Core Values

Every Sunrise team member who serves you is guided by our Core Values:
  • Passion
  • Joy in Service
  • Stewardship
  • Respect 
  • Trust

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