Meet Sunrise Senior Living's Ed McMahon

Tim Watt  |  April 22, 2015

Ed McMahon joined Sunrise Senior Living's team of dedicated staff as the vice president of Quality around two years ago. Since he started, his expertise and passion for caregiving have earned him national recognition.  

A passion for helping others fulfilled
McMahon was initially interested in learning how to put the skills he developed toward helping children. Kids in military families were his main focus, as his father was a member of the Navy when McMahon was growing up. However, after working nights as a trained orderly in a nursing facility in Northern California, his career took a turn. He became interested in caring for older adults, particularly those experiencing memory loss. McMahon has since accomplished this career goal as a member of the Sunrise staff, where he works to enhance the lives of residents in more than 300 assisted living communities.

McMahon was recently named the recipient of the 2014 Mary K. Ousley Champion of Quality award from the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living. His dedication to improving the quality of the Sunrise assisted living facilities has proven unmatched. McMahon's ideas and contributions are based on viewing all roles in the Sunrise care communities as crucial to a successful environment.

"One thing I've been trying to do for the past 30 years is to really respect the inherent dignity and work of everyone, no matter who they are. From the people who work in the kitchen and wash the dishes to the people mopping the floors to the people that take the trash out - all of them are doing a really important job when it comes to providing care for the most frail and vulnerable in our society, and are very worthy of respect and honor," McMahon told McKnight's.

How has he contributed his experience to the Sunrise community?
Upon becoming a member of the Sunrise community, McMahon has played a major role in the introduction of Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement strategies to encourage all levels of the organization to actively work toward achieving long-term sustainability. 

When McKnight's asked what tips he would give to other caregivers trying to improve the quality of their patients' living conditions, he referred to the success of the QAPI tools he and his staff have implemented at Sunrise. He encouraged caregivers not to be afraid of challenges if the end result has the potential to bring value and quality to a community.

Sunrise Senior Living is known for its inviting and safe atmosphere where staff are continuously working to enhance the care quality and living environment for residents. According to McMahon, part of the company's success is a result of its focus on operating with its mission statement in mind: "to champion quality of life for all seniors."