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Tips For Deaf-Blind Awareness Week

June 27 is Helen Keller's birthday, and the week of June 22-28 marks Deaf-Blind Awareness Week. The holiday has been celebrated since 1984, following a proclamation from Ronald Reagan. Since then, the week has been a time to reflect on the unique position of people with the often misunderstood condition.

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Celebrate National Nurses Week

May 6 kicks off this year's National Nurses Week, and people from around the U.S. are finding ways to show these hardworking individuals just how much they appreciate the work they do. Aside from delivering medical assistance, nurses are integral to ensuring the people they work with are comfortable both physically and emotionally.

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Show Your Solidarity This May Day

The beginning of May is more than just a time to welcome the flowers all those April showers promised. May 1 is May Day, and while you may be familiar with it as just another springtime holiday, it has a deep and rich social history. While perhaps one of the year's lesser-known holidays, May Day is an important part of our history, so this May 1, make sure you set aside some time to learn about this important day.

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Arbor Day: History and Observances

The last Friday in April is National Arbor Day. As a celebration of trees and nature, it's a great time not just to appreciate our environment, but also to have a hand in improving it. Almost 130 years old, the history of Arbor Day is tied largely to one man's passion for the Earth, and his legacy is carried forth to this day thanks to nationwide observance of the holiday.

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Tradition is Alive and Well at Thorne Mill on Steeles!

What is it about a Passover Seder that elicits such a fervent response in elderly Jews?  Even those with little Jewish content in their lives, with minimal ritual observance, routinely make a great effort to gather for the annual Seder. It is a ritual practiced by almost all Jews of every denomination, throughout the land of Israel and the Diaspora.

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Enjoy the Peace of Spring With These Easter Observances

For many, Easter can be one of the happiest days of the year. Situated among the newly arrived warm spring weather, it is a holiday often associated with family and togetherness, and a great time to enjoy the season with friends and family old and new. Regardless of your background, there are a variety of ways you can ring in the new season and join in celebration of this jovial day.

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Passover: A History and Tradition

Even though a number of stores out there have plastered their windows with pastel bunnies and chicks in honor of Easter, this time of year also marks an even older occasion: Passover. This holiday serves as an annual reminder of a key component of the Jewish faith's history, honoring the Israelites' escape from Egypt. Each year, people participating in this week-long observance partake in a variety of long-held traditions that carry some sort of symbolism tied to the story of their ancient ancestors' flight to freedom. If you and others throughout your senior living community want to expand your cultural horizons, you should think about exploring the origins of this occasion and perhaps even organizing your own events to be a part of these customs.

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Get Into the Swing of Jazz and Learn its Origins

Do you and others in your senior living community enjoy the smooth yet chaotic notes of jazz music? While this art form may seem to be something that is classically American, it has complex history with rich roots in a variety of African musical traditions. The next time you decide to listen to some of these tunes, you may want to know a bit of information about the complicated evolution of other genres that led to the formation of jazz.

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