Why 'Star Wars' is the perfect tool for intergenerational bonding

Sunrise Senior Living  |  December 14, 2016

Finding activities the whole family can enjoy can be difficult, but sometimes the right film can bring everyone together.

The best movies for the entire family are the ones that are enjoyable for any age group. Loved ones can eagerly discuss a favorite scene or character and bond over a shared passion.

The Star Wars movies have been entertaining American families for four decades. Many older adults can remember when they first met Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and the many other indelible characters that first helped Star Wars make such a big splash. With the release of several new films being added to the Star Wars saga, families have another chance to connect with their youngest members through the films.

Bringing families together
Vulture reported that "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" had one of the most successful box office runs in history following its premiere in December 2015, with millions of people of all ages around the world seeing the movie.

The newest Star Wars films and all the toys and other merchandise that come with them follow the same formula. This can be cheesy at times but it relies on familiar and whimsical plots to make viewers eager and excited. As such, the movies are incredibly nostalgic for fans.

This short film, created by a grandfather and his son, show just how much Star War can bring family members together:

Bigger than movies
Beyond heading to the theater or snuggling up to watch an older Star Wars movie on the couch, there are many other ways generations can connect via this cultural phenomenon. Older adults may have toys, posters and other items from the original films to share with the younger generations. A grandchild may have the same favorite character his or her grandparent fell in love with many years ago, creating a bond.

There are also games and crafts to enjoy. Star Wars branded board games, puzzles and other activities are available, or you may opt to try something at home. Pinterest and other helpful websites have thousands of projects to choose from. You may, for example, choose to make a paper Yoda or an R2-D2. There are also more extravagant projects like a terrarium full of Ewoks or homemade Star Wars sweaters. For families that can't get enough of their favorite characters, this is a great way to spend an afternoon bonding.

Even for families without too much history with the original Star Wars saga, these films are hard-to-ignore cultural events. Consider planning a group outing to see the newest additions and use Star Wars as a launch-pad for inter-generational family fun. 

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