COVID-19 Vaccine Infographic: What You Need to Know

Sunrise Senior Living  |  December 16, 2020

Experts at the CDC have prioritized healthcare workers and long-term care residents in the U.S. to receive the COVID-19 vaccine as it becomes available. Since the vaccine is new, it brings with it a lot of questions. To prepare you with the facts, we’ve outlined key information from public health officials to help you make an informed decision: 

COVID-19 Vaccine: For You and Your Family


Sunrise team members and residents have a unique opportunity to get the vaccine first before it is available to the public.

The vaccine works to prepare your immune system to fight the virus if you are exposed.

COVID-19 Vaccine: The Science


COVID-19 vaccines cannot give you the virus. They contain a synthetic version of the virus, not a live one.

COVID-19 vaccines will not alter your DNA.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Vaccines are Safe


The vaccines available have been deemed safe and effective by the FDA. They continue to be monitored for safety as more individuals receive the vaccine.

COVID-19 vaccines are being held to the same rigorous safety and effectiveness standards as all other vaccines in the U.S.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Cover Your Bases


While an effective vaccine will help reduce the spread of COVID-19, we must still wear masks, socially distance, and follow other infection control measures.

COVID-19 vaccines alone won’t stop the pandemic. Continue all infection control measures even after you get the vaccine to help stop the spread.

COVID-19 Vaccine: What's Next


A small percentage of people will experience side effects after being vaccinated. The side effects are a sign that your immune system is working with the vaccine as intended.

The vaccine requires two shots, 3-4 weeks apart. Be sure to get both.

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View the PDF version of the COVID-19 Vaccine Infographic here.