Sunrise of Lincoln Park, IL, Adopts Community Pet Howie!

Sunrise Senior Living  |  July 27, 2015

Many people often express how when they save a pet through adoption, it’s the pet that actually “saved” them. Residents at Sunrise of Lincoln Park, IL, can agree! Their new pet, Howie, went from needing one loving owner to now having an entire community of residents caring for him. Howie originally came to Chicago’s Anti-Cruelty Society from Tennessee through the Rescue Waggin’ program, which relocates homeless pets from shelters to loving homes.  He can now be found wandering around the community with residents, team members and family members. Howie also gets along great with visitors. Some of his favorite hobbies include begging for belly rubs, taking long naps and showing his affection.

To say he is adored by his new family would be an understatement. Residents keep him busy throughout the day playing fetch and feeding him treats. One self-proclaimed “cat person” joins every walk that she can with him. There are many benefits to seniors interacting with animals, which is why the Sunrise Signature Experience incorporates pets into communities. The bond between people of all ages and pets is a hard one to deny, as shown by Howie in his new home! Please click here to watch a clip from of Howie and his new family!

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