All About That Bulb (And Saving Energy)

Sunrise Senior Living  |  June 10, 2016

When it comes to lighting, one size does not fit all! Whether you’re watching TV or working on a crossword puzzle, different activities call for different levels of lighting. It’s something that our Design Team keeps top of mind as they work to reduce energy consumption in our communities.

The Team’s goal is to increase task lighting, such as reading lights next to comfortable lounge chairs, and reduce overly bright, commercial style lighting that detracts from the home atmosphere.

Interested in lighting changes you can make today at home to benefit a senior in your life? Here are our Design Team’s favorite tips about the bulb:

  1. Install “stick-on” lights easily in dark closets and cabinets to encourage more independence for a senior with low vision; it will help them make selections faster and easier.
  2. Swap your existing florescent light bulbs out for LED bulbs in all of your lighting fixtures; although they cost a bit more up front, they will drastically reduce your home’s energy consumption and last much longer!
  3. When selecting colors for walls and fabrics in a room, remember that the kind of lighting available will dramatically affect how the color ends up looking in your space. A room with lots of natural lighting will give off a different hue of paint than a room without windows. Many home depot stores have a variety of lighting throughout; take advantage of this and compare your swatches in a variety of settings to make sure you have the best fit.

Our Design Team is currently working with our building owners one by one to convert our communities over to LED lighting, where possible. Communities that have been good candidates for the lighting overhaul now enjoy decreased strain on the building’s circuits and overall energy usage. Find out more about Sunrise’s Energy Star certification program in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) here. And, click here to learn more about our Design Team and meet the faces behind these innovative changes in our communities!