Design Insider | How Our Residents Influence Community Design

Sunrise Senior Living  |  June 3, 2016

As we take a peek inside our independent living communities, we find that our Design Team works in accordance with the resident design committee to ensure we’re reflecting the tastes and needs of our residents.

At The Fairfax in Fort Belvoir, VA, residents helped the Design Team select the right layout for their new casual grill in 2015, in addition to the right accouterments like wallpaper, picture frames and flooring, for a space that truly reflects their tastes. 

Maplewood Park Place in neighboring Bethesda, Maryland, recently had brand new carpet installed in their resident hallways, featuring a custom design which the Design Team and residents collaborated on together. 

Further up north at The Quadrangle in Haverford, Pennsylvania, residents are now enjoying their casual dining option, The Forrest Grill, after a 2015 renovation. The community’s Wellness Center will soon receive a design update to ensure its meeting the needs of both resident patients and the doctors who serve them. 

Working in conjunction with the resident design committees to implement renovations, our independent living residents know their wishes are being heard and incorporated into the new design aesthetic. Many of our independent living residents enjoy having a say in these changes, similar to how a Home Owners Association (HOA) works in residential communities. 

Sunrise’s Design Team keeps a pulse on the latest findings in senior design to better enhance community living for all of our residents, regardless of their care needs. Click here to learn more about our Design Team and meet the faces behind these innovative changes in our communities! 

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