Sunrise Community Pet “Mr. Fry” Nominated for 2015 Hero Dog Award

Sunrise Senior Living  |  March 19, 2015

Mr. Fry, the beloved community pet at Sunrise at River Road, AZ, is nominated for the 2015 Hero Dog Award, a contest held by the American Humane Association. Mr. Fry’s story is incredible! On a chilly night, the once homeless hound entered Fry’s market, located near Phoenix. He amazingly learned how to open the automatic doors so that he could enter the store to seek warmth and shelter from the cold. Store employees called Arizona Greyhound Rescue. Upon their arrival, they met with the store manager and the furry visitor who desperately needed a place to call home. Shortly after, it was established that this mystery dog is a Greyhound and Saluki mix, with a charming personality, and he was thereby named Mr. Fry.

With the guidance of AGR President Jean Williams and her family, Mr. Fry went through some intense training. After this point in time, he was connected with the director of sales at Sunrise at River Road in Tuscan, Arizona. One of the unique aspects of the Sunrise Signature Experience is the incorporation of animals into the communities. There are so many benefits to interacting with animals for the residents.

Mr. Fry immediately felt and acted at home at Sunrise. He mingled with the residents, claimed a sunny spot for his bed and welcomed guests from the moment he entered the building. Though it seems Mr. Fry is lucky to have found Sunrise, in reality Sunrise is grateful to have saved him. He is truly an “Emerging Hero.”

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