Sunrise is a Proud Supporter of the American Heart Association

Sunrise Senior Living  |  March 31, 2015

At Sunrise, we are proud to support the American Heart Association and its efforts to share critical information on how seniors can maintain heart health. Click here to access valuable resources, including:

  • The American Heart Association’s Benefiting the Lives of all Seniors is Why Resource Guide with Life’s Simple 7® steps to living a healthy life
  • Infographics to get Heart Smart and participate in exercises that maintain health and physical independence
  • Sunrise Senior Eats® Blog with recipes, nutrition information and food news for seniors
  • Sunrise Blog feed with content such as caring for seniors with heart disease and heart health tips by season
  • Sunrise Heart Health Tips & Recipes Pinterest Board, covering diet, wellness and more

“It is incredibly important for seniors to maintain good heart health, as it contributes to one’s overall health and studies show it may help fight memory loss,” added Sue Coppola, senior vice president of Care for Sunrise. “Our Sunrise communities support positive lifestyle changes by providing nutrient-rich diets and encouraging physical activity, in addition to bringing a resident-centered care approach to support seniors living with cardiovascular conditions like high blood pressure.”

Please join Sue tomorrow, April 1 at 2 p.m. ET, as she participates in an online chat hosted by the American Heart Association’s Support Network, where she will help answer participant questions and share heart healthy advice for seniors and caregivers.

For more details regarding Sunrise’s support for the American Heart Association, please visit here.
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