10 ideas for the perfect staycation

Sunrise Senior Living  |  March 1, 2017

Everyone needs a break from the real world - a chance to kick-back, relax and step away from the stressors in life.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or funds to get away, making mandatory vacations seem completely out of reach.

But don't fret, because although you can't leave your home, that doesn't necessarily mean that you can't wind down and take some time to enjoy yourself. Why not try a staycation? Essentially, a staycation is a stay-at-home-vacation, according to Forbes contributor Steve Odland. 

Instead of spending your money on expensive airplane tickets, hotel rooms and excursions, try a staycation! There are plenty of ways to "get away" without draining your bank account. Here are 10 fun activities to consider:

1. Visit the museum
Find a museum near you that sparks your interest and spend the day there. It can be an art museum, a history museum, an historical society, botanical garden, zoo, or any other place that allows you to expand your knowledge on something that intrigues you. It's the perfect opportunity to get out the house while you're on your staycation, and also educate yourself in the process.

2. Take a trip to the theater
Sure, you can stay home and watch movies and sitcoms on your TV, but why not immerse yourself into the cultural entertainment scene by visiting the local theater? You can catch a play, movie, musical or comedy show. Lifestyle blog Living Well Spending Less recommends doing some research ahead of time so you can buy tickets for a show that lands on one of the days during your staycation.

Search for a museum near you to visit during your staycation.Search for a museum near you to visit during your staycation.

3. Go shopping and treat yourself
When was the last time you took yourself on a shopping spree? If you're not going to spend money on a vacation, you might as well treat yourself to a few new things. Take a trip to the mall and buy yourself a nice pair of shoes or some outfits for springtime.

4. Get lost in a new book
Sometimes, there's nothing more relaxing than secluding yourself in a room with nothing but a hot cup of tea and a new novel to dive into. First, Apartment Therapy recommends turning off all of your electronic devices that may distract you from unwinding to the fullest extent. Then, light a candle and make yourself comfortable to get lost in a new book.

5. Take a new exercise class
Going on a vacation means taking a break from reality, but that doesn't mean you should stop exercising. Instead of following your normal cardio routine, take advantage of the free time and try out a new exercise class at your gym. Sign up for a routine you've never done before, like yoga, tai-chi or kickboxing. Most fitness centers will even offer a free trial session for newcomers!

Take advantage of the free time and try a new exercise class.Take advantage of the free time and try a new exercise class.

6. Stay in your backyard
Why book a vacation in the sunshine when you can enjoy the nice weather at home? Grab your lounge chair, sunglasses and sunscreen and escape to the backyard for a relaxing staycation. Play some of your favorite music and use the grill to make lunch and dinner.

7. Create an at-home spa
You're on a well-deserved staycation for a reason, so be sure to take advantage of it. Many people resort to the spa when they need some pampering, but you can create the same, serene atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. Just bring out some scented candles, dim the lights and show your complexion some attention. For fresh, youthful skin, try one of these homemade face masks from Health magazine.

8. Try out some new recipes
When was the last time you stepped away from your trusty cookbook and tried a new recipe? Take advantage of your clear schedule and dedicate a day to making a new meal you've never concocted on your own before. Let the season change be your inspiration to try one of these springtime appetizer recipes!

Make a new recipe during your staycation.Make a new recipe during your staycation.

9. Order takeout
Even those who enjoy cooking every meal deserve a night off. You can treat yourself to some takeout, or make a reservation for you and a loved one at your favorite restaurant. Don't forget to complete the meal with dessert!

10. Invite the grandkids over
Sometimes, there's nothing more enjoyable than setting aside time to spend with the grandkids. Whether you're looking for someone to join you on any of the activities, or you just want some company at the house to sit and talk, give one of your grandchildren a call. Intergenerational interaction can strengthen the bonds between you and the young ones on an entirely new level. A staycation poses the perfect opportunity to do so, so be sure to take advantage of it.

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