Design Insider | Beautiful, Innovative Wallpaper with a Purpose

Sunrise Senior Living  |  May 20, 2016

Wallpaper designed to enhance a senior’s living experience beyond aesthetics? Yes, it exists!

Wayfinding wallpaper is one of the newest features being introduced in our brand new constructions, as well as communities undergoing renovations at Sunrise. “Wayfinding” is a design concept used to intuitively guide visitors through the natural progression of a building or home. In our case, an innovative, textured wallpaper comes in a variety of colors and serves as an in-house “landmark” to help not only residents with dementia, but also family visitors, navigate the community more efficiently. Many of our communities have used themes, such as “a trip through Hollywood” hallway, as a form of wayfinding; our newest communities will elevate this concept to focus on differentiating different spaces with color and texture.

Our Design Team took time to research the best variations for our communities, landing on a handful of textured, brightly colored textiles that cover walls above and below the hallway chair rail. Our chair rails, a signature design feature added for residents who require stability and support while walking through longer stretches of hallways, are left easily distinguishable in their signature white color against the wayfinder wallpaper. Contrast and texture are always kept top of mind when designing for seniors with low vision.

Design Insider Wallpaper with a Purpose

Together, these unique design features enhance the community experience for our residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s through repetition cues. For instance, a chosen color scheme in our memory care wing, known as the community’s Reminiscence Neighborhood, is incorporated throughout the neighborhood’s common areas and adjacent hallways leading to resident suites. Residents begin to associate that color with their familiar surroundings, often allowing them more independence and mobility within the memory care wing.

Our Reminiscence Neighborhoods follow a residential flow that brings further comfort and familiarity to our memory care residents. This section of our communities is secured and features an entryway, foyer, common areas and lastly, hallways leading to suites and bedrooms – akin to the flow of a typical residential home.

Sunrise’s Design Team keeps a pulse on the latest findings in senior design to better enhance community living for all of our residents, regardless of their care needs. Click here to learn more about our Design Team and meet the faces behind these innovative changes in our communities!