2018 Nurses Week Spotlight: Janice Simon

Sunrise Senior Living  |  May 6, 2018

May 6–12 is National Nurses Week! This year’s theme is “Nurses: Inspire, Influence, Innovate.” To celebrate, we are recognizing six nurses, nominated by the Sunrise Care team, who demonstrate these virtues in our communities every day.

Janice Simon is Sunrise’s regional director of Resident Care in the New York region, and she’s been with Sunrise for the past 20 years! Janice has been selected as a nurse who inspires—creates positive feelings in others and fills them with the urge or ability to take positive action.

Janice has been a powerful inspiration to residents, team members, and family members during her time at Sunrise. In this video, Janice describes one particularly special relationship she formed with a Sunrise family.

Aunt Rudy was a Sunrise resident who moved into Sunrise with the help of her family, including Brandy, her niece. With the help of Janice and the community team, Aunt Rudy lived her last days in peace and passed away with comfort and dignity surrounded by her family.

Several years later, Janice reconnected with Brandy at a knitting class. Brandy told Janice how grateful she was for how she cared for aunt, and how that care had inspired a new idea in her.

“Shortly after we talked about her aunt, Brandy told me that she wanted to go to nursing school. She was 60. She applied, and she got in, and she became a registered nurse at 62,” says Janice. “We still talk about nursing all the time in knitting class, what she’s doing, how much she loves doing it, and how just knowing what we did for her at Sunrise made such a difference and inspired her to become a nurse.”

That’s just one example of the tender care and inspiration that Janice is known for among residents and team members. She’s even referred to as “the cruise director” with friends because of her leadership and action-oriented attitude!

“Janice has spent the past 20 years inspiring others to care for seniors with respect, dignity, and fun.  Anyone who knows or has met Janice can see she has a zest for life,” says Heather Gabilanes, vice president of Resident Care. “She incorporates this into her career at Sunrise and helps her communities create a warm, loving environment.”

“She challenges others to be creative in caring for our residents and truly believes that our residents are meant to remain at Sunrise for the rest of their lives,” says Heather. “Team members, residents, and families are drawn to Janice, as she is not just an amazing nurse, she truly lives by example in caring for our residents.”

The entire Sunrise family is grateful for the tireless dedication and innovative spirit of nurses like Janice. Thanks for all that you do! Meet the rest of our 2018 Nurses Week winners on The Sunrise Blog.

Check out #SunriseNurses on Facebook and Twitter to see other Sunrise nurses being celebrated by their fellow team members and friends. Interested in pursuing a career as a Sunrise nurse and becoming a part of the team? Visit our nursing careers page

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