For Family Caregivers, Online Support Can Be A Lifesaver

Tim Watt  |  October 17, 2012

Family caregivers for seniors living with dementia face tough challenges and high levels of stress. There are a number of ways to cope with the experience of providing care to a loved one, such as support groups, exercise, and taking personal time. But there's another resource out there for caregivers who need advice and assistance - the internet.

The AARP has released a new caregiving support website, according to USA Today. The page offers a way for caregivers to find local support. Simply by typing in their zip code, they'll be able to find information about nearby doctors and agencies. They'll also find advice on helping an older adult manage their finances, and tips on making the decision to move a senior to an assisted living facility or help them to live at home independently.

The site doubles as a support group, too. "People can also chat with each other and find others in similar situations," Elizabeth Bradley, a communications director at AARP, told the news source.

That's not the only website available for caregivers, either. The news source points out the website, which aims to make life easier for those providing care. It was created by a man named John Mills, who cared for his father, a Parkinson's disease sufferer, for several years. Mills understands firsthand that caregiving, especially while trying to maintain a career, is a challenge.

"I wish we'd had the tool when we were caring for him," Mills told the news source. "It would have helped us fill in the gaps."

The National Family Caregivers Association is another great place to turn for help. While the website itself is filled with useful information, it also contains links to other web-based resources for caregivers in need. 

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