Terrace Club

Our Terrace Club Neighborhood is offered at select Sunrise communities, including our Sunrise Villa communities, and is specially designed for older adults experiencing the early to moderate stages of memory loss, but whose memory loss is not yet advanced enough to require the extra support of our Reminiscence® Neighborhood.

Terrace Club is intended for residents who will benefit from a more structured routine, along with a bit more guidance from a friendly face, including our Terrace Club coordinator and care team. By combining current research on social engagement and brain health, and building upon Sunrise’s Live With Purpose™ programming, we are able to offer this additional structure and support, including:

  • Memory support programs, with a focus on strengthening and maintaining our residents’ cognitive abilities
  • Physical fitness, to enhance strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance, rooted in our Live With Action programming
  • Home and life skills, to promote independence while building relationships through familiar, family-oriented activities
  • Resident support groups, held each month to encourage residents to find comfort in one another and their shared experiences with memory loss
  • Occupation based activities, through our Live With Generosity programming, to reinforce residents’ identities and create a sense of meaning
  • Parallel programming, enabling all residents to be successful by providing activities at a variety of levels, in order to meet each resident’s cognitive and physical needs
  • Promotion of a brain-healthy diet, including foods high in antioxidants, rich in vitamin E, and low in saturated fats and sodium
  • Personalized calendar, completed each morning with the care partner, to reinforce important dates and provide reminders of preferred daily activities
  • Daily journal, helping residents reflect on their feelings, thoughts, accomplishments, and daily events

By encouraging success-oriented, stimulating experiences and feelings of continued connection with others, we strive to create meaning and purpose for our residents in Terrace Club each day—enhancing overall well-being and reducing the social isolation and depression that sometimes coincide with memory loss.

Sunrise Live With Fulfillment™ Program

Sunrise’s Live With Fulfillment program is offered in select communities and designed to support assisted living residents who are experiencing early signs of memory loss. Live With Fulfillment activities take place in small groups of residents with similar memory loss—helping create social connections and reduce isolation, while encouraging residents to age in place.


The program offers a structured daily routine that begins with relaxation and meditation, and continues with activities based in current research on the benefits of social engagement to brain health, including brain fitness games, physical exercise, and activities promoting each resident’s identity.

Contact your local Sunrise community to learn more about their specific care offerings, and to schedule a tour.

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