Reminiscence Neighborhood

Sunrise Reminiscence Neighborhoods are designed specifically for people living with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other forms of memory loss. Within these neighborhoods, our residents will find an environment centered on comfort and security.

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A Safe and Comfortable Environment

We believe the home environment of our secure Reminiscence Neighborhoods can be a therapeutic tool to promote health and help our residents feel safe and respected.

These areas are designed so that resident suites are located next to living and dining areas, promoting easy navigation and social interaction. Our design team has carefully chosen the furniture, lighting, and color scheme to enhance residents’ independence and dignity.

Within a Sunrise Reminiscence Neighborhood, you will find all the elements of home:

  • Large, secure outdoor spaces, giving residents unobstructed access to experience nature.
  • Living rooms designed for relaxation, visits with family, and participation in group activities.
  • A resident cat or dog, to provide a feeling of home.
  • Country kitchens, where residents can enjoy a cup of coffee or help prepare a meal.
  • Reflection rooms featuring soft lighting, soothing music, and other relaxing elements – perfect for holding club meetings and other activities.
  • Children are frequent visitors, including family members of residents or participants in our partnerships with schools, daycare centers, and homeschooling parents.
  • Activity areas for gathering for group to work on art projects, crafts, puzzles, and other creative and cognitive activities.

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