Sunrise Senior Living is working to bring seniors and their families high-quality assisted living and memory care services through a new community in North Vancouver. This 100-unit building will be located at 2141 Eastern Avenue, offering a convenient location for families and friends who want to be near their aging loved ones in a supportive environment. To date, Sunrise has established three communities in British Columbia, with fifteen communities across Canada.

Sunrise Senior Living in British Columbia

Sunrise currently operates three communities in British Columbia, with plans to develop a new community in East Vancouver, BC, that would open in late 2022.


In the fall of 2018, North Vancouver City Council approved a rezoning application for a mixed-use development for the Harry Jerome Neighborhood Lands. The rezoning permits two towers and four mid-rise buildings (between five and six storeys) for a total of six buildings and a park oriented north-south along Lonsdale Avenue.

Development Application

In accordance with the approved zoning, in December, 2019 BFA Studio Architects submitted a Development Application to the City of North Vancouver on behalf of Sunrise Senior Living for an assisted living and memory care senior living community. The proposed community will be located at 2141 Eastern Avenue, with capacity for 100 residents. The proposed building will be six storeys in height and contain 31 underground parking spaces. The City Advisory Design Panel reviewed and supported the Development Application that is currently undergoing staff review. It is anticipated that the North Vancouver City Council will consider the Development Application in late September, 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the current zoning permit?

A: The approved rezoning bylaw permits either residential or seniors housing to a height of six storeys.

Q: Has this project been approved?

A: The zoning was approved in 2018. BFA Studio Architects has applied on behalf of Sunrise Senior Living for a Development Application. The Development Application has not yet been approved and is under consideration by the City of North Vancouver.

Q: Why does the building have to be so big?

A: The height and massing are in conformance with the approved zoning.

Q: Will the project cause shadows in my yard across Eastern Avenue?

A: The height and massing are in conformance with the approved zoning.

Q: Will residents be bothered by traffic, ambulances and service vehicles coming and going to the project?

A: Senior living is one of the lowest traffic generators among different classes of properties. Most if not all of our residents do not drive, so the traffic activity will primarily be from staff and visitors. The traffic impacts will be significantly lower than a comparably-sized apartment. Deliveries will occur two or three times a week and will be scheduled to minimize impacts on the neighbourhood. While ambulance visits will occasionally occur, this is not a Long Term Care facility and will have much lower ambulance visits and hospitalization rates.

Q: Will the project create traffic jams in our neighborhood?

A: Studies of the site indicate that the marginal increase in traffic generated by the proposed senior living community will have no significant impact on the area.

Q: Will the project result in visitors parking all over nearby streets?

A: The proposed parking supply of 31 stalls on-site satisfies the requirements of the City of North Vancouver including resident, staff and visitor parking needs.

Q: How does the underground parking work?

A: The planned single level of 31 underground parking stalls will be available for residents, staff and visitors with staff and visitors representing the primary users. Intercom/key code access will trigger the opening of the parking security gate. Visitor parking spaces will be clearly designated for that purpose. Elevator access will provide a direct and convenient connection from the underground parking to the entry lobby area.

Q: How are garbage and loading being handled?

A: Garbage and recycling will be handled from a dedicated location on Eastern Avenue. The frequency of collection will be designed to minimize inconvenience for the immediate neighborhood.

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