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As a family member, medical professional or community member, our individual relationship with the seniors in our lives affects how we talk about, and help them achieve, the best quality of life through tailored care. Whatever our relationship, we all share the seniors’ best interests. 

These resources for senior living may be useful for seniors, Sunrise Senior Living residents and their families, caregivers, community members and Sunrise’s professional partners in addressing and helping to meet the changing needs of seniors.

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For Patient Referrals

Many professional healthcare providers, social workers, financial planners and realtors have discovered a natural partnership with Sunrise's Assisted Living services. Our resources for patient referrals can help you partner with Sunrise to develop personalized assisted living solutions for your senior patients or clients, their families and you.

Community Outreach

As a community leader, you might observe changes in the physical or mental health of the seniors you interact with on a regular basis. Sunrise offers resources for community members to help seniors receive the care they need.

For Family Caregivers


It's natural to have questions when caring for a senior family member. Our Family Caregiving resources feature a downloadable caregiver guide, plus information on caregiver support, caregiving costs and tips for initiating conversations about your loved one's changing needs. We also invite you to participate in a Sunrise support group at a local community.

For Seniors

Sunrise is determined to help you live the life you want. Our senior resources highlight senior living tips on health and wellness, nutrition, future planning and other information relevant to healthy aging. Bookmark or visit the Sunrise Senior Living Blog for the latest news and resources on senior health or subscribe to our RSS feed.

Financial Options

Financing for senior care will most likely require some research and budgeting. Fortunately, there are now more options available to seniors and families. We have compiled a list of trusted resources and continue to share the latest finance and planning news on the Sunrise Senior Living Blog.

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