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7 Ways to Make Your Family Reunion Special

Here are a few ways to get everyone excited for the family reunion!

Your family reunion is right around the corner and you've been chosen as the planner. You don't mind, because you love getting everyone together for the special event - but you really want to spruce things up this year. Don't worry! With these tips, you can reinvent the get-together and plan a party your loved ones will never forget.

Here are seven ways to make the family reunion even more special:

1. Make you own decorations
Instead of spending money to decorate the venue, consider making your own! This is a great way to show off your creativity. But don't just do it alone, ask your children and parents to join. Making the decorations poses an opportunity to create new memories and engage all of the senses, according to Rita Altman, Senior Vice President of Memory Care and Program Services at Sunrise. This allows everyone to feel a sense of purpose, meaning and accomplishment, all which are excellent for health and wellbeing. Plus, it'll surely boost everyone's mood just in time for the big party!

2. Play an Icebreaker
Because this event brings together the extended and immediate family, there are going to be several faces you and your children haven't seen in years, if ever. It's your job to make sure everyone feels comfortable enough to mingle throughout the day, so start things off with an icebreaker. suggests having every family member write an interesting fact about themselves on the square of a bingo sheet when they arrive. Then, have your family members go around and talk to each other to find out who matches each block.

3. Create a Memory Board
Before the big day comes, reach out to your family members for pictures from the past and present. When you receive the photos, arrange them on posters to create a memory board you can display at the reunion. This is another way to strike up a conversation, learn about family history and bond with each other.

4. Set up a Photo Booth
Want an easy way to capture new memories without hiring a photographer? Just set up a makeshift photo booth! Find an area at the venue where you can hang up a patterned cloth as a background, then set up a tripod and camera with automatic-capture time settings. Ask your guests to take a few pictures with family members they don't get to see often. And be sure to make the camera accessible to older relatives in wheelchairs. After the reunion, you can upload the pictures and share them with your loved ones on Facebook.

5. Compete in Unique Games
If you want to make the most of your time together, Real Simple magazine suggested planning some unique games for some fun family competition. Intergenerational activities aren't just fun, they are excellent for everyone's well-being! You can design a scavenger hunt, host a talent show, throw a food eating contest or even set up a bunch of classic board games. The more activities you come up with, the better. Let your creativity shine and schedule multiple activities throughout the day.

6. Plan a Food Bar
Showing off everyone's culinary creativity at the reunion with a potluck is always a delicious choice, but why not change things up a bit? Instead of having your family members bring a bunch of random dishes, plan a themed food bar! Parents magazine recommended setting up a customize-a-hot dog bar. You can provide the dogs and standard condiments, but have your relatives bring out-of-the-ordinary fixings such as buffalo chicken dip, bacon chili or peach salsa. You could even turn this into a contest - whoever creates the most unique dog wins a prize!

7. Start a New Tradition
After throwing this extravagant reunion, it's likely that your family members will be thanking you for planning such a unique and fun party. At the end of the day, take a poll and find out what everyone's favorite part of the day was. Once you've come to a conclusion, turn that event into a tradition at future reunions. This allows your family members to enjoy it again and it gives all of you a chance to create even more memories with the ones you love.

Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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