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Arrange Respite Stays For Loved Ones During Your Vacation

Caregiving can be physically and mentally draining job that wears you down. You may feel like you need a break, and you're entitled to that.

Caregivers might be hesitant to take a vacation due to feelings of anxiety or guilt. It's often difficult to leave a loved one behind when you typically spend so much time together, and it can be just as challenging to trust another person to provide the same pedigree of attention to your loved one's well-being. When learning about respite stays, caregivers see that there is a safe place where elder care is an integral part of the company mission. This can instill trust in the community to provide exceptional short-term accommodations for elderly loved ones. One common barrier many caregivers face is that they don't have friends or family who can take over the daily duties in their absence. However, if this is a challenge for you, that doesn't mean the situation is hopeless.

How respite stays work
Short-term stays in senior living communities are an excellent option for older adults who are accustomed to personal caregiving. Seniors are welcome to settle into fully furnished apartments where a range of services are included, such as medication management, housekeeping, laundry and personal grooming. Freshly prepared meals are served three times a day, eliminating the concern about your loved one eating well while you're gone. Staff is available 24 hours a day, including highly trained nursing professionals. Everything that is available to full-time residents is offered to those joining retirement communities for respite stays.

While you're away
It's often possible to check on your loved one while you're on vacation with a quick phone call or email. You will be able to provide an emergency number for yourself, as well as contact information for someone local in case anything urgent arises. It's important to remember that respite stays allow seniors to socialize in a new setting, which can help the time pass quickly until their caregivers return. Even if your loved one has seemed shy lately, he or she may be surprised at how naturally making friends still comes when there is a group of people at similar phases in their lives. Organized activities and entertainment can help your loved one enjoy the accommodations, even if just for a few days.

An additional bonus to booking a short-term stay is that you can build a relationship with a care home that may be perfect for future extended stays as your loved one ages.

Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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