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Celebrating Grandfathers on Father's Day

Father’s Day is a great time to celebrate the role grandfathers play in our lives. They are often confidants, comedians, advisors, and friends. It only makes sense to express our love and appreciation on June 16.

With advanced planning, you can create a celebration several generations of the family can enjoy together.

Planning a Celebration for a Grandfather

1. Match the location with your grandfather’s interests and abilities.

Does your grandfather love nature? Is he devoted to a local sports team? Think of what he enjoys and how you could translate that into a festive celebration. Be sure you consider any special needs your grandfather and other important guests have when choosing the location:

  • If necessary, is the location wheelchair-accessible with convenient parking?
  • Are restrooms easily accessible?
  • Is the location weather-dependent? What happens in the event of rain?

2. Decide what refreshments you will serve.

It’s not a party without tasty treats! Older adults sometimes have special dietary needs to consider when you are planning.

  • Confirm your grandfather’s and party guests’ dietary needs before you plan your menu.
  • If the location doesn’t provide food, think about having a potluck. That makes it a little easier for everyone involved.
  • Hot summer days can put party guests at higher risk for dehydration. Make sure water bottles or pitchers are readily available.

3. Plan a few intergenerational activities.

If your event doesn’t have a built-in activity, such as a soccer or baseball game, plan a few intergenerational activities. It can encourage bonding while also building memories.

  • Set up a craft table where party guests of all ages can collaborate on simple projects such as birdhouses, scrapbooks, bookmarks, or garden stones.
  • Ask guests to bring their favorite outdoor games or board games.
  • If your budget permits, hire an entertainer like a magician, a DJ, or a mime.

4. Honor and recognize fathers and grandfathers.

Since the event is for Father’s Day, make sure each father and grandfather who attends is honored.

  • Ask family members to bring and share favorite stories, photos, and videos.
  • Come up with awards for your grandfather and others who attend the event. You can make the awards sentimental or funny.

5. Ask guests to serve as photographers and videographers.

Don’t forget to capture the day’s events for posterity. Ask guests to take photos and videos throughout the celebration and send them to you. You can use them to create a digital photo album or family video to share after the event.

Article By: Sunrise Senior Living


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