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Sunrise @ 40

Forty Years of Growth and Development

As we celebrate the last 40 years and prepare for the next 40, our team is working diligently to add more and more communities to the Sunrise family

We are proud to celebrate Sunrise’s growth and development during the last 40 years. After learning from experiences with their own family members, Paul and Terry Klaassen founded Sunrise with a vision to create warm and inviting homes that broke the norm from the cold, sterile environments of long-term care facilities at the time. The foundation they set with our first community still informs the top-of-the-line senior living services Sunrise offers today to the thousands of residents living in our 270+ communities across the U.S. and Canada.

Where We Are

We would not be here without the contributions of our over 22,000 committed team members, who bring the Klaassens’ vision to life every day for each individual Sunrise serves. We are continually grateful for all the ways they support our residents to live the lives they want and deserve. Their inspiring work and dedication have helped to revolutionize the senior living industry and make Sunrise a leader in the space for 40 years. At Sunrise, we are committed to providing a quality team member experience so they can provide the best possible service and care to residents.

Continuing to Grow

As we celebrate the last 40 years and prepare for the next 40, our team is working diligently to add more and more communities into the Sunrise family to help bring Paul and Terry Klaassen’s vision for resident-centered approach to even more seniors.

Sunrise’s Senior Vice President of Design & Construction, Andy Coelho, shared the intention behind opening these new communities, “The latest additions to the Sunrise portfolio of senior living communities reflects Sunrise’s commitment to offering well-appointed and thoughtful spaces to enhance the lives of seniors and their families We are excited to provide our signature high-quality senior living services to even more seniors in these spaces.”

We are excited to open the doors of these communities throughout the course of this year:

Our development pipeline showcases not only the success of what Sunrise has been able to offer the last 40 years but also the need for this type of high-quality, personalized senior living service across the U.S. and Canada,” said Tavinder Hare, Sunrise’s Chief Financial Officer, “We look forward to introducing new communities and the Sunrise brand to more neighborhoods and regions as our footprint continues to grow over the next several years.”

Looking Ahead

At Sunrise, we believe in continual growth and innovation, especially to the built environments where our residents live and team members work. Beyond opening new communities, we are committed to making our existing communities the best they can be. We recognize the importance of continuing to invest in our communities so they can provide the safety, beauty, and functionality that our residents and their families expect and deserve. The interior design of each community is thoughtfully curated and designed by our in-house team of interior and architectural designers. Through their wealth of experiences and expertise, this team ensures that every piece of the Sunrise built environment adds to the quality of life of the people who call them home. Every detail is considered even down to the chairs which are specially designed by our team for the comfort and utility of older adults,

In addition to updated décor across our communities with refreshes and replacements to things like furniture, lighting, art, paint, wallpaper, and carpet to make the spaces feel modern and comfortable, residents and family members can expect several updates and upgrades:

  • Enhanced, energy-efficient LED lighting
  • User-friendly updates to Bistros to enable more independence and to provide a home-like atmosphere for residents
  • Energy-efficient HVAC, laundry, and kitchen equipment

We also are committed to continually listening to current and prospective residents and their families. We have several opportunities to provide feedback through surveys and never take the responses for granted. Our goal is to serve seniors in the best possible ways. We welcome feedback to ensure we’re delivering what our residents and their family members need.

As we look further into the future, Sunrise will remain mission-driven and committed to providing high-quality care. Sunrise CEO, Jack R. Callison, Jr., shared his excitement for what’s to come. “I look forward to the opportunity to further establish Sunrise’s leadership in the industry as a premier senior living provider,” he said, “and [to] help bring its personalized care and service to many more residents and families in the future.”

We look forward to the next 40 years of championing quality of life for all seniors.

Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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