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Holiday Gift Guide for the Senior Who Has "Everything"

If a senior loved one seems to have everything, as younger family members often say, finding a holiday gift for them can feel challenging. Some older adults are preparing to downsize and move, so they are trying to cut back on household belongings. Others say they have all of the clothing and personal items necessary for their lifestyle.

So, what gift can be found when someone you love doesn’t really need anything this holiday season? We have a few ideas for meaningful gifts we hope you might find helpful.

Holiday Gift Guide for Older Loved Ones

  • Sentimental presents: Most of us tend to become a little more sentimental as we grow older, especially when it comes to family members. You could create a family calendar for your senior that lists important dates, while also featuring loved ones’ photos. Platforms such as Shutterfly and Snapfish make it easy to assemble and order calendars in a variety of designs from those that hang on the wall to small desktop styles. You can also order a variety of items with favorite photos printed on them, such as mugs, puzzles, kitchen aprons, throw pillows, and more from these types of websites. It might be pictures of the grandkids or even the senior’s furry companion.
  • Experience gifts: The gift of your time will likely be precious to a senior you love. While COVID-19 concerns can make planning a little trickier this year, it’s worth the extra effort. Think about the hobbies your family member enjoys and how you can use their personal passions to plan an activity together. Theater tickets to a play or musical at a venue that protects guests from the virus might be fun. A car ride to take in the holiday lights displayed in local neighborhoods or festively decorated zoo or botanical garden is another idea to consider. You could also round up the family and schedule a private cooking class or art workshop sometime during holiday break. The goal is to relax and enjoy one another’s company.
  • Monthly indulgence: If the senior in your life isn’t one to pamper themselves, do it for them. Get family members to pitch in and create your own version of a gift of the month club. Maybe have one person send a basket of fresh fruit in January, and another send a bouquet of flowers to help beat the winter blues in February. Maybe pay for a housekeeping service to assist with spring cleaning. Stagger your gifts so your loved one gets a surprise every month or two as budgets allow.
  • Vision supportive gifts: As we grow older, the risk for eye-related health problems increases. From glaucoma to macular degeneration, seniors find themselves struggling with vision. Fortunately, there are a wide range of devices and gadgets that can help make life easier for older people who have vision loss. You could put together a basket of items, such as large print cards, low vision Scrabble tiles, and LED page magnifier. A Braille smart watch or a gift card for an audiobook service are a few other ideas.
  • Meal services: Another holiday gift to consider is one that makes eating healthy meals quicker and easier. Cooking for 1 or 2 might seem like too much work for a senior. A package of gift cards to DoorDash or Uber Eats might be appreciated. Go the extra step and create a list of well-balanced menu items from restaurants that the meal service delivers for. You could also pay for a meal ingredient plan that accommodates special diets, such as Sunbasket or Snap Kitchen.

Should You Tour a Senior Living Community during the Holidays?

The winter holidays are often a time when loved ones gather from far and wide. Adult children who live far away might be home to visit for the first time in many months. If your family is wondering whether the season is a good time to tour senior living communities with your loved one, you may be surprised to find the answer is a resounding yes. Most are jolly, festive places and seeing that may help a reluctant parent overcome their fears that communities are lonely or sterile.

Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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