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Holiday Gift Ideas for Older Adults

As we head into the holiday season, you may be wondering what gift to buy for a senior in your life. Whether your loved one lives in a private home or an assisted living community, finding the perfect present for someone who seems to have everything isn’t easy.

We created this Holiday Gift Guide to give you some ideas. You’ll find suggestions for seniors who live on their own or those who call an assisted living community home.

7 Holiday Gift Ideas for Older Adults

1. Ice cream maker: An ice cream maker might be a sentimental gift for an older adult. They may have whipped up their own flavors when they or their children were young. This list explores different types of ice cream makers at various price points.

2. Custom photo collage blanket: Another unique gift to consider is a photo collage blanket featuring friends and loved ones. It’s a great conversation piece for seniors who live in an assisted living community. You can make one of your own or search sites like Etsy to find a crafter to make a collage blanket for you.

3. Adaptive devices: Maintaining independence is important to older adults. Sometimes an adaptive device or two can make a senior’s daily life a little easier and safer. For seniors who live at home alone, an automatic pill dispenser helps them stay on track with medications. Adaptive driving aids can keep an older driver safer behind the wheel. A reaching tool is another good gift.

4. Subscription gifts: You could also consider a gift that keeps on giving. Set up a subscription for a monthly delivery of fruit, wine, flowers, or sweet treats for your family elder. You can even give them a membership to the Sock Club with delivery options ranging from three months to one year.

5. Robotic vacuum cleaner: A splurge holiday present for a senior might be a robot who does the vacuuming! It can be a great gift for an older adult who lives in their own home or in an assisted living community. Even if they have a housekeeping service, a robotic vacuum can be used for touch-ups between cleanings.

6. For the birds: Another gift an older adult is sure to appreciate is a bird feeder and supplies or a bird house. It can be placed outside the window near their favorite chair or spot on the couch for maximum enjoyment. Watching the birds can be a great way to relieve stress, too.

7. Experiences: For many seniors, the gift of time is the most meaningful. Think about ways your family can spend time with your senior loved one. What hobbies do they enjoy? Can you do them together? Even something as simple as a family reunion in the private dining room of their assisted living community can make a great holiday gift.

Visiting a Senior Living Community during the Holidays

Families are often reunited for the first time in months during the winter holidays. Sometimes the topic of a senior’s health and need for assisted living come up.

While it may seem counterintuitive, the holidays are a great time to tour senior living communities. The communities are decked out and residents and caregivers often feel festive. If you’d like to schedule a tour during your holiday visit with a parent, call us at 888-434-4648. We’ll be happy to make the arrangements!

Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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