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Hosting a Mother's Day Tea to Honor Mothers of All Ages

After a long year in which many families were isolated from one another, the COVID-19 vaccines have made it possible for some members to now visit in person. There’s no better time to plan a small family gathering than Mother’s Day. One type of event that mothers of all ages are likely to enjoy is a tea party.

From wearing fun, fancy hats to enjoying cucumber sandwiches, here are some ideas and tips to help you plan.

Planning an Intergenerational Mother’s Day Tea

1. Create a guest list: Before you can settle on a location, you’ll need to come up with a list of guests. Make sure you keep the evolving CDC guidelines on gatherings in mind as you decide how many people to invite. You’ll likely want to limit your guest list to those individuals who are fully vaccinated.

2. Choose a location: One of the benefits of a tea party is how relatively easy it is to host. Other than seating and access to hot water, much of the menu can be as low maintenance as you need it to be. Some cities have tea houses that you can reserve allowing you to leave the work to the staff. If your loved one resides in a senior living community, it might be possible to host it there. Your own dining room can work nicely as well.

3. Select a theme:The next step is to pick a theme for your tea party. While you could just make it a simple afternoon tea, there are many ideas for themes that could add to the enjoyment. For example, you could choose an old-fashioned, Victorian theme. You might also opt for a Downton Abbey theme, a Trivia Tea, or even an interactive Murder Mystery style tea party.

4. Design a menu: Sweets or savories or both? That’s a question you’ll need to answer when you are creating your menu. If you’ve chosen a theme, that might help you better determine what to serve. There are a variety of online resources for recipes. Should you decide you’d like to serve miniature toasts and sandwiches along with scones, this Martha Stewart site will be helpful. From coconut cherry macaroons to lemon poppyseed cakes, Plum Deluxe has loads of tea party sweet treat recipes to explore.

5. Choose some teas: When it comes to the star of the party—the tea—you’ll have many options from which to choose. You’ll likely want to provide guests with 2–4 different teas to sample. Destination Tea and Whole Foods Market both have online tea guides you might find useful in learning more about the different types of tea and making your selections.

6. Organize party favors: If you’d like to send each of your guests home with a party favor, we have some ideas for you to consider. You could purchase small pots of fancy jam and add a personalized label. Another idea is a small photo album filled with family pictures. Along the same lines might be a favorite family photo in a fancy frame. A personalized glass tea mug full of tasty chocolates is another option.

7. Plan a program: While the main act might be enjoying time with your loved ones, you can also consider a program of some kind. You could assemble a slideshow of old family photos or have the grandkids create a short video you can share. If space and COVID-19 restrictions permit it, another idea is for family members to put together a talent show.

Don’t forget to explain the dress code to guests ahead of time. Fancy hats and twirly dresses are traditional tea party attire. If you are opting for a program or activity, let people know what to expect and how to dress for it. 

Mother’s Day at Sunrise Communities

If your senior family member calls a Sunrise community home, you may want to consider hosting your tea party in one of our private dining rooms, COVID-19 restrictions permitting. Our dining services staff will work with you on a menu that is sure to be a hit with your guests! Talk with the Executive Director or Dining Services team to learn more on your next visit.

Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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