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How Short-Term Stays At Sunrise Can Help You And Your Loved One

Family caregivers are on call around the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It's a tough job, especially for men and women who are balancing a job, raising kids or have obligations that interfere with their ability to provide for their senior loved one. An unexpected circumstance that requires a family caregiver to be away from the older adult in his or her life can bring immense amounts of stress, but fortunately, Sunrise Senior Living is here to help. We offer a respite care program to help family caregivers who need a safe space for their senior loved one to live for a temporary amount of time. Short-term stays are ideal for family vacations, unexpected work obligations or rehabilitation periods.

How does respite care work?
Seniors who enroll in respite care at a Sunrise Senior Living community will have access to many of the amenities and programs available to full-time residents. Older adults will get a fully furnished, comfortable and stylish apartment all to themselves. They'll be well-fed with three delicious and nutritious meals a day served in an elegant dining room, as well as snacks available at all times. Most importantly, their daily needs will be taken care of - dedicated, well-trained team members are available around the clock to help older adults with everything from eating to medication management to getting around. On top of that, seniors in the short-term assisted living programs will have access to the recreational programming and activities offered on site, and they'll be able to participate in group trips to hotspots within the community.

Who can benefit from respite care?
Short-term stays are ideal for family caregivers who need a break from their duties for one reason or another. Perhaps you are going on vacation with the family and can't bring your senior loved one along. Maybe your work suddenly asks you to take a business trip to an out-of-state location. Other times, you may be feeling overwhelmed from your duties, and a respite stay can help you relax and avoid caregiver burnout.

Seniors who have recently spent time in a hospital can also benefit from what's known as the Road Home program, a short-term stay designed specifically for older adults who are going through a rehabilitation period. They'll be able to recover in comfort, enjoying all of the amenities mentioned above, as well as additional services from medically trained providers, until it's time for them to return to their own home.

Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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