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Ideas for Seniors to Enjoy Virtual Gatherings

Since the COVID-19 crisis began, many families have learned how to master video chat platforms as a means of staying connected. Schools and universities routinely use Zoom and Skype to conduct classes. Most physician offices now offer telehealth visits with insurance companies covering the expenses. These interactions are as close to face-to-face gatherings as is possible.

With continued uncertainty about the coronavirus, you might want to look for some new activities to do while video chatting with friends and family. From game playing to bedtime stories, we have some ideas for you to try.

4 Suggestions for Family Gatherings Using Video Chat

1. Virtual game playing: It’s not just teens playing Fortnight and other popular virtual platforms. You too can use a social network like Houseparty to enjoy games with friends and family, such as Heads Up or Trivia. Pop some corn or order a few other tasty treats from your grocery delivery service and prepare to laugh. The comradery can be especially welcome on a cold winter’s night.

2. Hosting cocktail (or mocktail) parties: If you are tired of being cooped up and wearing sweatpants at home every day, host a virtual cocktail party. Share a few favorite appetizer and winter drink recipes by email, such as spiked lattes or toasted s’mores martinis. Ask virtual guests to wear their favorite cocktail hour outfit to the gathering. Don’t forget the mocktails too for those that don’t drink alcohol!

3. Bible groups or religious studies: Since many people are avoiding going out for church services, hosting an online gathering might be another good way to stay in touch. While many churches and synagogues are streaming services, older adults and families might be missing the personal interaction they are accustomed to enjoying. This Women’s Ministry Toolbox has some good tips for helping you get started.

4. Bedtime stories with grandkids: Even if your grandchildren only live across town, the risk of visiting one another and being exposed to the coronavirus is significant. One solution is to borrow or purchase two copies of the same children’s book. Most libraries have digital copies you can check out electronically, too. Schedule a virtual bedtime visit where you read to your grandkids and, if they are old enough, they read to you.

Learn More about Video Chat Platforms

If you are an older adult who isn’t familiar with video chat platforms, there are several good articles to read and some videos to watch to learn more:

For older adults who live in a Sunrise Senior Living community, personal help is available to learn how to use a video chat service. Contact a Life Enrichment team member for help today!

Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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