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Adjusting to Life in Senior Living

What is Life Like with a Parent in Senior Living?

Has your parent recently moved to a senior living community or are they preparing for this transition? Here’s some insight to help you adjust to this change.

After a parent moves to a senior living community, adult children often struggle to process the change. This is especially true for those who were a caregiver for their loved one. Figuring out what your new role in their life is might not happen overnight. 

Added to those feelings of uncertainty are the tough emotions family members might be coping with. Even when you took your time, did your research, and found a senior living community you feel confident in, it isn’t always easy to relax and trust you made the right decision.

One thing to keep in mind is that your parent still needs you to play an active part in their life. It might be different than it was when you were a caregiver, but it’s still important. Here are a few ways you can stay involved after they settle into their new home.

Staying Connected with a Parent in Senior Living

Adult children often say that a move to a senior living community restores the parent-child relationship. Instead of being their caregiver, you can once again enjoy time together. 

Join them for meals or coffee breaks:
Our dining team works to create meals that are delicious and nutritious, and we love when guests come to experience our Sunrise signature dining options. We invite you and your loved one to join us for a meal in our dining room or stop by for morning coffee and a pastry with your parent

Participate in community activities: Senior living communities invite and encourage family members to participate in activities and special events. Many communities hold monthly family nights with fun activities the whole family will enjoy! Ask your community leader for the monthly activities calendar to join in on the fun at your community.

Volunteer your time and talent: If your schedule permits, another option is to volunteer at the community. Volunteers are an important part of life at a senior living community. You’ll find them pitching in to help with everything from teaching workshops to helping on community outings.

Hold regular meetings with the care team: You might think a move like this will result in your not being involved at all in a parent’s care. In reality, your help and support are still needed. No one knows your parent better than you. Make sure to meet with your community leaders regularly to discuss your loved one’s care. You can offer your insight and input during this meeting. 

Build relationships with team members: Finally, take time to get to know the team caring for your parent. Let them know you want them to call you with any concerns or questions, and make sure they have phone numbers you can be reached at 24/7. It will help you feel connected and give you confidence that the community prioritizes your parent’s well-being.

Visit a Sunrise Community Near You

Summer is a great time to explore senior living for a loved one. If you’d like to learn more about the Sunrise communities near you, we invite you to call 888-717-9139. One of our experienced team members will be happy to help!

Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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