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Why Fall is a Great Time to Move into a Senior Living Community

Wondering if fall is a good time to make a move to a senior living community or if you should wait until spring? Here are a few factors to consider.

If you or an older loved one have been contemplating a move to a senior living community, you might be uncertain about how to time the transition. Making a big change like this can be a lot to think about and plan for at any age, but especially for an older adult who may have lived in the same home for decades. 

While any season of year is a good time to reap the many benefits life in senior living offers, don’t overlook just how many great reasons there are to pack up and call the movers in the fall. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of finding a senior living community to call home this autumn.

Reasons to Consider Moving to a Senior Living Community This Fall

  • Get in and settled before the snow flies: By making a move in October or November, you’ll likely have more options for apartments and suites. Because families often visit during the holidays – often for the first time in many months - adult children often realize how much an aging parent needs help. Inquiries to senior living communities often spike in late December and throughout the month of January. Beat the rush by moving in the fall.
  • Stay social all winter long: Isolation and loneliness can be serious health risks for seniors. In fact, isolation is linked to health risks that range from depression to high blood pressure. In climates where winter can make it tough for older adults to get out and about, the wide variety of programs and activities that take place every day in a senior living community can help residents avoid the winter blues
  • Good time to sell your home: Many people think summer is the prime time to put a house on the market. While that may be true, realtors often say those who are looking at houses in other months are more serious buyers. Because inventory tends to be lower, you might actually find your home gets attractive offers quickly.
  • Easier season to hire movers: If you’ve ever moved during the spring and summer months, you know how tough it can be to hire a moving company. Some even charge higher rates during these busy times of year. But waiting until winter might mean you’ll find yourself battling the elements on moving day. Just one more reason why fall might be a good time to make a transition.
  • Take advantage of transportation services: People of all ages tend to find driving during the winter months more challenging. Ice, snow, and cold can make winter driving dangerous. By making a transition to senior living now, you will be able to utilize the community’s transportation services. Most are available for physician appointments, trips to the local mall, and more.
  • Enjoy the holiday season: If you’ve never visited a friend or family member who lives in a senior living community during the holidays, you might be surprised at how festive and lively the season is. From the décor to the programs and activities, it’s a fun place to celebrate. 

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The very best way to find a senior living community that is a good fit for yourself or an older loved one is by scheduling a personal visit. You’ll have a chance to tour the campus, meet the staff, and maybe even join residents for a meal in the dining room. You can set up a time to visit a Sunrise community near you by calling (855) 995-4561 today!

Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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