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Winter Fitness Ideas for Seniors

Winter can make it more challenging to stick with your fitness goals. Not only does the cold, snowy weather make many people less inclined to leave the comforts of home to exercise, it may also be hazardous to do so. Icy parking lots and slippery sidewalks can present fall risks, especially for seniors.

While it’s always good for your mental health to socialize and stay connected, there will likely be days during the winter when practicing home-fitness activities is a safer option. If you need a few indoor fitness activities to try, we have some ideas.

5 Ideas for Exercising at Home this Winter

1. Sign up to Go4Life®: The National Institute on Aging (NIA) created a senior-friendly fitness program called, Go4Life®. This online resource has a lot of information and a wide variety of free tools designed to support healthy fitness for seniors. You can download fitness guides, view workout videos, and track your progress.

2. Try gentle forms of exercise: Tai Chi and yoga are two forms of exercise ideal for most older adults. Both offer benefits ranging from building core strength (which helps lower fall risk) to developing better breathing habits. When the cold winds are blowing outside, you can engage in either type of exercise in the comfort of your living room. YouTube has videos you can stream for no cost, such as the Easy Yoga Senior Exercise Video. The Arthritis Foundation also has free Tai Chi videos you can workout to on their website.

3. Don’t neglect muscle mass: Strong muscles are essential for protecting core strength, which helps with stamina, balance, and flexibility. Tufts University and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention developed a strength-training program specifically for seniors. You can download Growing Stronger: Strength Training for Older Adults to review with your physician before starting. The free guide will help you determine what goals to set and track your progress toward meeting them.

4. Consider chair exercises: If you have mobility challenges or are concerned you may fall while working out, it may help to explore different types of seated exercise. From wrist rolls to torso twists, 10 Chair Exercises for Seniors has great ideas and descriptions.

5. Invest in one piece of equipment: Budget and space permitting, it may also be helpful to invest in one quality piece of fitness equipment. Not only will it keep you on track with your exercise goals during the winter, it will also give you a workout plan on rainy days during the spring and summer. A treadmill or a recumbent bike are two options to explore.

Live With Action at Sunrise

At Sunrise Senior Living communities, we understand the vital role physical activity plays in aging. One of our Signature Programs is Live With Action™. It is designed to encourage residents to find forms of fitness they enjoy and engage in them regularly.

If you’d like to learn more, please call us today at 888-434-4648.

Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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