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Winter Fitness Tips for Older Adults

Between the holiday season and the cold weather, December can be a month where healthy diets and fitness routines begin to falter. As is true of any habit, once you are off track it can be tough to get motivated again. And weather can provide an easy excuse for not exercising.

Older adults who walk faithfully every day during warm months might be fearful of slip-and-fall injuries during the winter. Icy, snowy weather might also make driving hazardous, especially for a senior who is already a little anxious behind the wheel of a car. This can make traveling to a fitness club less than appealing.

As we head into the heart of winter, it’s probably a good time to explore a few forms of fitness you can safely enjoy in the warmth and comfort of your own living room.

Indoor Fitness Activities for Seniors

We have a few suggestions for seniors to talk with their primary care physician about and possibly try this winter:

1. Dance party: One activity good for the body, mind, and spirit is dancing. Seniors can find dance videos online and follow along, usually at no cost. YouTube has a variety of options to consider from line dancing for seniors to 30-minute low impact dance sessions. Getting off the couch and moving to upbeat music can be a mood lifter on cold, snowy days.

2. Traditional exercises: From chair squats to modified planks, traditional workout moves can be adapted for seniors to safely perform. Your AAA Daily has some suggestions you might find helpful.

3. Chair yoga: Yoga is another form of fitness that nurtures the body and the spirit. Just because a senior isn’t as flexible as they used to be doesn’t mean they can’t still enjoy it. Evidence shows seated yoga can be just as beneficial as more traditional forms. AARP’s Virtual Classroom offers several different types of online yoga for seniors.

4. Tai Chi: An ancient form of Chinese martial arts, Tai Chi is known for improving core strength, endurance, and flexibility. These benefits are all linked to lower fall risk among older adults. The Arthritis Foundation has Tai Chi resources you can take advantage of at no cost.

5. Strength training: As we age, muscle mass begins to decline. That puts older adults at risk for falling. Engaging in strength training exercises a few times a week can help overcome that. Resistance bands and small weights are senior-friendly ways to regain strength. Both are inexpensive to purchase.

Wellness Activities at Sunrise Senior Living

At Sunrise Senior Living communities, we know the essential role physical fitness plays in successful aging. That’s why we offer a wide variety of activities to join each day. Depending on the community, residents can utilize treadmills and recumbent bikes in our fitness centers or join a SingFit® Hum and Move-a-Long class.

Call a Sunrise community near you to learn more about the fitness activities residents can participate in all winter long.
Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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