Arthritis-Friendly Products

When you suffer from arthritis, the little things — buttoning a blouse, opening a jar, gripping a pen — can be very difficult. Fortunately, there are scores of devices available — mostly based on simple, ergonomic designs — that provide the assistance you need to carry on your everyday pursuits inside and outside of the house.

Many of the products listed below can be located through the Arthritis Foundation or from assistance devices suppliers such as:
Gold Violin, (877) 648-8400
Disability Products, (800) 688-4576

In the Bedroom

In the Bathroom

  • An electric toothbrush can make dental care much easier when it’s hard to grip a traditional toothbrush; many dentists also recommend them for providing superior care.
  • A raised seat may make it easier to get up from the toilet. Look for models with armrests and a clamp-on locking mechanism for extra stability.

In the Kitchen

  • Gold Violin Ring Pull Can Opener simplifies opening cans with ring-tops, such tuna fish, soda and cat food.
  • Swiss Magic makes jar openers that are useful for tightening and untightening lids. Black and Decker’s Gizmo Can Opener offers totally hands-free operation.
  • Toastmaster Chopster Mini Food Chopper lets you slice and dice without a knife — just push the bottom.
  • Easy Chopper requires no power except your own.

In the Office

  • Pilot, Avery, Cross and Sanford design pens with larger, cushioned grips that may offer more comfort than a traditional pen.
  • Pen Again and Evo offer a series of fork-shaped pens, which grip your index finger, enabling you to write without having to exert pressure.

In the Garden

  • Fiskars garden tools incorporate patented technology that increases your cutting, pruning and lopping power.
  • U-shaped gardener’s kneelers make it easier for you to get close to your flower or vegetable beds, while providing the support you need to get up safely. Turn them upside down and you have an instant garden bench.
  • Radius pistol-grip garden tools lessen the strain on your wrist when weeding or planting.
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