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Resident Poet Serves as a Shining Light at Sunrise of Dix Hills, NY

The kindness and acceptance of peers can be invaluable to all of us, especially as we make major life changes. At many Sunrise Senior Living communities, resident ambassadors fill the important role of greeting visitors and helping new residents feel welcome in their new home.

These residents may help new residents acclimate to Sunrise by showing them around the community, inviting them to participate in an activity or community outing, or simply by lingering over a cup of coffee in the lounge and answering questions. Because they have personally experienced the transition to Sunrise, the hospitality of a resident ambassador can help relieve the anxiety and uncertainty that may come from moving to a senior community

Meet Resident Ambassador Carl Gallub

Carl Gallub is a shining example of a resident ambassador. He has been a resident of Sunrise Senior Living of Dix Hills, NY for nearly four years. As part of his duties, he welcomes new residents—taking each one under his wing. His kindness and positive spirit make relocating to Sunrise a smooth transition for his new neighbors.

Beyond his ambassador duties, Carl is living proof that where you live matters during the retirement years. He takes full advantage of everything Sunrise has to offer. Carl is an artist who enjoys sharing and displaying his artwork around the community, and he loves participating in the community’s weekly spiritual prayer group.

Carl is also a poet! His “Carl’s Corner” column in the community’s monthly newsletter is a resident favorite. One of his most popular poems among residents and team members is What Sunrise is to Me. It exemplifies his feelings for the community.

What Sunrise is to Me

Sunrise is the only place to be for me.

It’s comfortable and very loving.

It’s the only heavenly place to be.

The staff is so wonderful;

They are loving and very caring too.

The caregivers are so great, they’ll do anything

To help you.

The activities are really swell!

They really are one of a kind.

Exercising every morning and quizzes to challenge the mind.

You can give me a castle overlooking the beautiful sea,

But Sunrise Senior Living is the only home for me.

Honoring the Ambassador

Last year, Carl donated a tree to the community in memory of his beautiful, late wife, Connie. Unfortunately, the tree didn’t take root. Keith, a maintenance team member, felt terrible that Carl’s tree had died and decided to surprise him. Keith planted a new tree with a plaque dedicated to the loving memory of Connie.

The writer in Carl thanked Keith and the team at Sunrise as you might expect—with a poem.

The Gift

One day I got a big surprise.

A beautiful tree was planted by the wonderful staff of Sunrise.

It replaced a tree purchased by me as a dedication to my late wife.

It was very dormant and never showed any signs of life.

Every day I stop by the tree thinking what a beautiful

Gift the staff has given my wife and me.

I know my wife in Heaven above is looking down and smiling

at the beautiful gift given with love.

Sunrise was my home from the start.

The staff and all the caregivers will always be deep within my heart.

Live with Purpose at Sunrise Senior Living

At Sunrise communities, our Sunrise Live With Purpose™ programming offers opportunities to engage, enjoy, express, learn, and grow each day. Learn more about the many programs and events our residents enjoy!

Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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