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Sunrise Welcomes New Chief Clinical Officer

A message from our new Chief Clinical Officer, Paula Adams.

Dear Friends of Sunrise:

This is a very rewarding day for me as I take my place as a member of the Sunrise family. I join a group of amazing individuals committed to Sunrise’s enduring mission to champion quality of life for all seniors. I have deep respect for all Sunrise has accomplished in its nearly 40-year history and look forward to continuing to build upon its strong values to provide personalized care and service to our residents, families, and team members.

It’s an understatement to say that these past two years have been challenging for all of us. As a clinical leader in senior living, I have seen first-hand the trials and obstacles our team members and residents have had to contend with since the pandemic began. What’s more, is I have experienced an industry that has preserved beyond these challenges and it is clear that the Sunrise team has maintained its focus on what matters most each and every day – our residents. The Sunrise family is dedicated to seeing this pandemic through to the end and I believe we are well positioned because of the thousands of serving hearts that make this such a special place to call home. Their compassion and commitment have enabled them to deliver resident-first care and create a warm, welcoming environment for our seniors to prosper. Brighter days are right in front of us, and it fills me with great pride to be a part of such a wonderful group of people. Together, I know we will continue to take the steps needed for those we serve.

As a registered nurse, I genuinely believe we have a lot of motivations and proof points that showcase we are nearing life after COVID-19. The arrival of the safe, effective COVID-19 vaccine is one of the most compelling reasons. This coupled with ongoing infection control measures is vital to securing our health and gives us all reason to believe in an exciting future where we can once again truly reconnect with the world and each other.

And although there have been challenges, we have also learned a lot while caring for seniors and their families during a pandemic. We will continue to stay nimble and vigilant as we seek further innovations to positively impact our customers. As part of my personal focus in the coming months, we will carry on the continued exploration and evidence-based programs that have allowed Sunrise to be an industry leader. The safety and health of our residents and team members are paramount, and we are excited about the possibilities in front of us as we start this new chapter.

A key driver of this excitement is Sunrise’s grounding in its mission and purpose. Every day, Sunrise team members wake up with one aim: to provide the best service to the thousands who depend on us for care. We are poised for success and I look forward to working with this amazing team and helping grow our shared commitment to our communities, our residents, and team members alike.

Thank you for welcoming me to such a great place to call home!

Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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