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10 Healthy Make-Ahead Meals for Seniors and Caregivers


If you care for a senior loved one, your days are probably very busy. It isn’t uncommon for caregivers to work outside the home while also raising a family of their own. When time is short, eating a well-balanced diet becomes more difficult to do. Convenience foods and fast food restaurants are a quick solution, but they are not usually very healthy.

Caregivers are often also responsible for creating menus and making meals for their older family member. One solution that makes it easier on you and your senior loved one is to make and freeze healthy entrees that you can pull out of the freezer and serve as needed.

Nutritious Meal Ideas for Caregivers and Seniors

  1. Chicken and vegetable hand pies: This tasty entrée combines whole grains, vegetables, and chicken. It’s easy to make in batches that can be frozen for up to six months.
  2. Apple cinnamon baked French toast: For breakfast, brunch, or even dinner, this casserole can be made ahead and frozen for up to two months. Almond milk, organic eggs, apples, flaxseed, and pumpkin puree help this dish earn high marks for soluble fiber and protein.
  3. Mediterranean quinoa burger: Another meal you can make and freeze for up to two months, these filling burgers are rich with fiber and protein.
  4. Egg muffins with kale, roasted red peppers, and feta cheese: These simple egg cups are a delicious source of protein that can be turned in to a meal any time of day. For a busy caregiver, they make a tasty on-the-go breakfast
  5. Signature spicy, smoky, sweet chili: This crockpot meal is easy to make and freeze. You can substitute the ground beef with ground turkey to make it even healthier.
  6. Mini vegetable lasagna cups: A healthier take on lasagna, this recipe guides you through creating individual lasagna cups. You can make a big batch in just a few hours. Then you can serve a few to your family for dinner, share some with your senior loved one, and freeze the rest.
  7. Oatmeal freezer cups: Another easy idea for breakfast on the run, these oatmeal cups can be created using a variety of flavors ranging from fruit to chocolate chips. You can quickly make a large batch to share and freeze.
  8. Slow cooker chicken fajitas: This slow cooker meal is gluten-, dairy-, and egg-free. The healthy chicken fajitas are simple to make and freeze on a weekend afternoon for busy weekdays.
  9. Turkey tetrazzini: You can make this freeze-and-serve dish as healthy as you want it to be, and that includes using whole grain or quinoa pasta and fat-free milk. Turkey tetrazzini can be frozen for up to two months.
  10. Comforting vegetable soup: A delicious bowl of vegetable soup makes a great meal any time of year. You can throw this one together quickly and let it simmer while you tend to other duties. Freeze in individual serving dishes to make it convenient for your senior loved one or your children to thaw and heat in the microwave.

For more tips on nutrition for older adults, please explore our nutrition & recipes blog posts.

Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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