5 Key Ingredients

No matter what meal our chefs prepare, we always start with these five key factors.

 At Sunrise Senior Living, your diet is: 

We don’t believe in creating meals for the masses — we are committed to serving fresh, homemade meals, often incorporating residents’ personal favorites onto the menu. Many friendships are made in our dining rooms — that’s why we say love is served at every meal. At Sunrise Senior Living, food service isn’t an afterthought, it’s a premier experience.
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    Great meals start with great ingredients. We offer a variety of herbs, spices, and other seasonings to enhance the natural flavors of our made-from-scratch meals.
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    Healthy eating is vital for healthy living. Your meals are prepared with nutrient-rich ingredients and are in accordance with the USDA’s guidelines for older adults.
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    Your food preferences are a matter of taste. We value your opinions about our menu selections and adjust our menu based on your feedback. We also happily accommodate religious, cultural, and portion-size preferences.
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    Healthy eating doesn’t have to constrain you. For most people, there is room in your diet for everything you love, within moderation. We keep an eye on the calorie count in your meals to help you manage your weight.
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    Small adjustments can make a big difference. We support a wide range of modified diets, should you need help managing your high blood pressure, diabetes, or many other common conditions.