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7 Best Apps For Avid Bakers

If you've taken up baking during your retirement, you're probably always hunting for new recipes to try. However, you don't have to head out to the bookstore and purchase a cookbook to discover great new cookies and cakes. There are lots of digital recipes stored in apps, and you can browse through all of them with your smartphone or tablet.

Here are seven apps that avid bakers are sure to love:

1. Epicurious
If you've ever searched for out-of-the-box recipes online, you've probably come across the Epicurious website, which hosts directions for thousands of delicious dishes. What's even better is now you can access the amazing cakes, cookies, breads and more from your mobile phone. The Epicurious Recipe app is available for iPhones, Androids, tablets and more. You'll be able to browse through 28,000 professionally tested recipes, so you know that they'll be good!

2. iCooking Desserts
Looking for a recipe bank that features solely desserts? Everything you could ever want is contained in the iCooking Desserts app. It has recipes to make cookies, brownies, cheesecakes and more. The app also features great pictures so you'll know exactly what your final product should look like.

This is an especially awesome app for bakers who want to branch out into international desserts. iCooking lets you search through the recipe bank by place of origin, so you can discover classic treats from Europe, Asia, Africa and more.

3. Martha Stewart Makes Cookies
If anyone knows how to make amazing cookies, it's Martha Stewart. For those bakers who are big fans of the home-making guru's recipes, the Martha Stewart Makes Cookies app is a must-have. PC Magazine explained that the app contains instructional videos, tips and tricks for fabulous cookies, built-in timers and packaging tips. What more could an amateur baker ask for?

4. Whole Foods Market Recipes
Seniors who incorporate a lot of natural ingredients and organic foods into their diets are probably familiar with Whole Foods Market. This grocery chain is known for its focus on healthy eating, and bakers who want to delve into some wholesome recipes may want to check out the Whole Foods Market Recipes app. It contains more than 3,000 recipes, as well as cooking guides, meal plans and shopping lists. That way, you can make a list of all the ingredients you need for a new recipe and access it right on your phone.

5. Chocolate - Irresistible Recipes
Got a sweet tooth? Chocolate-lovers are sure to devour the sugary dishes in the Chocolate - Irresistible Recipes app. Mashable explained that the app contains more than 50 recipes for drinks, cakes, cookies and no-bake treats. And naturally, every dish is packed full of chocolaty flavor that you're sure to love.

6. Bread Baking Basics
Bread is one of the trickier items that bakers like to tackle. However, you can simplify the process into easy-to-follow steps with the Bread Baking Basics app. It will guide you through the steps for making anything from pizza dough to a multi-grain loaf of sandwich bread. You can even customize the instructions based on your preferred measurement system - cups, ounces, grams, etc. - and what equipment you have on hand. It's an invaluable tool for bakers who are just getting into the doughy world of bread making.

7. iCookbook
Any chef or baker knows the conundrum of having batter all over your hands and needing to turn the page of your cookbook. Say goodbye to this common kitchen woe once you download the iCookbook app. PC Magazine explained that the program has voice controls, so you can just say "next" and it will automatically move on to the next step of the recipe. Handy, right? The app is updated with new recipes each season, so you'll always have new dishes to try out.

Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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