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Pricing & Availability: 888-434-4648

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COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Sunrise is actively preparing for the distribution of the vaccine to residents and frontline team members as soon as December.

We are committed to timely and transparent communication regarding our COVID-19 response, including the availability of a vaccine for our residents and team members.

We continuously strive to take every available and appropriate step to help keep our residents and team members safe during this pandemic, and the accessibility of a vaccine is, by far, the most promising development thus far in our ability to do so. Sunrise is monitoring for each state’s distribution plans and we are in regular contact with our partners at CVS, as well as federal health agencies/officials, to prepare for vaccine distribution. At this point in time, we expect that vaccine clinics may start in our communities as soon as the end of December, and we will strongly encourage that all residents and team members participate in the vaccine program, subject to and consistent with federal, state, and local public health laws and guidelines as they evolve.

An effective vaccine will help diminish the risk of transmission, and we will continue to follow evidenced-based infection control measures including wearing masks and other PPE throughout our communities to help ensure the highest level of safety for our residents and team members. This continued vigilance to our established protocols will be essential until more individuals can gain immunity through the vaccine

We are grateful that the CDC has recommended prioritizing vaccination for our courageous team members and cherished residents, and will continue to address questions as best we can with the data and details available to us. To learn more about our efforts to protect our communities from COVID-19, visit

Thank you for your continued patience and support as we navigate this next phase of our pandemic response.

Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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