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Shining On The Next 40 Years of Sunrise

Celebrating Sunrise’s 40th Anniversary has instilled confidence in an even brighter future. As we continue celebrate this incredible milestone, we want to look ahead to what the next 40 years hold for Sunrise.

The Sunrise mission of championing quality of life for all seniors, and the amazing team that bring it to life, have been and will remain the key to our success. Sunrise is rooted in a mission to champion quality of life for all seniors, which has created a revolutionary, top-of-the line experience for residents and their team members.

As we look to the future, we are committed to remaining leaders in our field while staying faithful to our mission. We look forward to moving ahead with a modern lens on ways we can continue to innovate and expand what quality care looks like in senior living and for all seniors.

  • Continuing to open new, best-in-class Sunrise communities
  • Finding new ways to improve customer experience for both residents and family members
  • Continually listening to and responding to team members' needs so they can continue to deliver high-quality, personalized service

Opening New Communities

Looking to the future, we are excited about expanding the Sunrise family through opening new, trailblazing communities. We are excited to open the doors of these communities throughout the course of this year:

  • Sunrise of Mountain Lakes, New Jersey
  • Sunrise of Redwood City, California
  • Sunrise of New Dorp, New York
  • Sunrise of Redmond, Washington
  • Sunrise of Livingston, New Jersey
  • And many more to come

Beyond opening new communities, we are committed to making our existing communities the best they can be. We recognize the importance of continuing to invest in our communities so they can provide the safety, beauty, and functionality that our residents and their families expect and deserve. The interior design of each community is thoughtfully curated and designed by our in-house team of interior and architectural designers. Through their wealth of experiences and expertise, this team ensures that every piece of the Sunrise built environment adds to the quality of life of the people who call them home. Every detail is considered even down to the chairs which are specially designed by our team for the comfort and utility of older adults.

Providing An Even Better Experience

At Sunrise, we are constantly seeking opportunities to enhance the experience for residents and their family members. We continually gather feedback through real-time and milestone surveys and are committed to making improvements based on what we learn. Across our communities, we’ve seen all kinds of changes and upgrades implemented based on customer feedback from residents and their families, including things like:

  • Improved Wi-Fi at communities
  • Two-way communication between families and the care team through the family engagement app
    More opportunities to provide feedback with a dining survey

Listening & Responding to Team Member Needs

At Sunrise, the care-focused environment we create extends to our team members. It’s important to us to continue to find new ways to create a quality experience for our team members, who remain dedicated to providing high-quality care for residents. We believe that our team members are our greatest strength, and as we look to the future, we want to ensure they feel cared for, too. Specifically, we are focused now on:

  • Expanded payroll options
  • Refreshed employee recognition programs
  • Richer employee referral options

We are also committed to continuing to make Sunrise a supportive, inclusive workplace through our comprehensive listening strategy, expanded team member benefits, and continued attention to our DEIB efforts.

Sunrise is a mission-driven organization, and as part of our mission, we are dedicated to innovation and setting the standard in senior living. We are thankful for the strong foundation and leadership we have as we move into the next 40 years. We know we will continue to lead by our mission and commitment to continue leading the way in our industry, providing high-quality care with a personal touch, and championing quality of life for all seniors.

Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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