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11 Tips for Thriving during Retirement

Most of us look forward to the day we can retire and spend our days pursuing favorite pastimes. While having the freedom to follow your dreams is nice, it isn’t always enough. Some seniors find themselves struggling to settle into a healthy, productive lifestyle.

If you haven’t quite settled into retirement, these tips may give you ideas for living your best quality of life.

How to Fully Enjoy Your Retirement Years

1. Set a realistic budget and stick to it: For many seniors, retirement means living on a limited budget. Be sure to pay attention to your finances. This will help you avoid wondering and worrying if you will run out of money during retirement.

2. Find ways to give back: It may be fine to spend a few years living a carefree life, but you’ll likely come to a point where you want more meaningful activity. Many seniors find volunteer work fills this void.

3. Nurture the spirit: While some older adults grow closer to their church or synagogue during retirement, there are other ways to nurture the spirit. It might be by gardening, exploring nature, or even through yoga or meditation.

4. Trace your heritage: The need to better understand your roots is common as you grow older. Your local library and sites like and can help you get started.

5. Challenge yourself: It’s easy to get stuck in a routine after you retire. Avoid that trap by challenging yourself to learn new things. Take a class to learn how to play the piano or sign up for a watercolor workshop at the local senior center or community education office.

6. Focus on physical health: Managing your physical well-being is another necessity for living your best retirement. Exercising and eating a well-balanced diet both play a vital role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

7. Spend time with kids: Children have a way of boosting spirits and bringing joy. If you don’t have grandchildren or yours live far away, consider volunteering for a local children’s organization. Nonprofit day care centers and local schools often rely on older volunteers.

8. Find a physician you trust: Having a trusted relationship with a primary care physician is important as you grow older. You’ll be more likely to visit the doctor on a regular basis and stay on track with health screenings if you are comfortable with them.

9. Create a bucket list: Do you have dreams of adventures you’ve always wanted to complete? That’s what is known as a bucket list. Take time to formally compose your list. Then make plans to pursue each item one by one. Don’t forget to keep adding to your list as new ideas come your way.

10. Protect brain function: Nurturing brain health is just as important as cultivating physical health. Engaging in activities that stimulate the brain can aid in preventing or slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Reading, writing, and working puzzles are a few ways to do that. Playing musical instruments and learning a new language are others.

11. Connect with peers: Having friends your own age gives you a support network to turn to through the ups and downs of aging. Whether it’s by joining a senior center or hobby-related club, find ways to connect with your peers.

Independent Living at Sunrise Senior Living

Our final suggestion is to consider if it’s time to rightsize to a condominium or independent senior living community. Being free from the burdens and expenses of home maintenance can provide you with more opportunities to follow your dreams during retirement.

If you would like to tour a Sunrise Senior Living community near you, call us at 888-434-4648 to set up a time!

Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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