DIY Design Tips for Seniors

Simple tips for the expert design team at Sunrise Senior Living to help keep your living spaces safe, comfortable, and stylish.

Group It

  • books on a shelf


    Display items in odd numbers to create visual interest.
  • 3 items of decor


    Group three items at varying heights to create an order of visual importance.
  • night stand


    For stability, keep a maximum height difference of 4" between tables and lamps.

Pick It

  • couch


    Select double-rub furniture fabrics with a thread count of 300,000 or higher for added comfort.
  • paint roller

    2 TO 3

    Use paint that is two to three shades lighter above a chair rail to create an elegant look.
  • table


    Choose round tables with solid—not glass—tops to help keep rooms open and safe.

Hang It

  • picture frame measurement


    Display artwork 59" from the ground to the center of the picture for ideal viewing.
  • mirror measurement


    Place the reflective edge of a mirror 40" from the ground so you can see your reflection even when seated.
  • picture frames

    3" to 5"

    Hang groups of photos or artwork no less than 3" to 5"—but not more than 10"—apart from one another.
The Sunrise Senior Living design team examines every community floor plan and design detail to create a comfortable and safe space for senior residents. Many of these design features can be incorporated in your home, whether you live with a senior full time or welcome one as a guest. From mobility and accessibility to vision and safety, learn what issues to look out for and how to make simple changes in your home for your loved one.