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Hiring an At-Home Hair Stylist

At-home hair stylists provide a wealth of benefits to older adults, especially those living in retirement communities. Armed with expert knowledge in senior hair care, an array of at-home tips that older adults can follow and an arsenal of beauty-related products, hair stylists can make cutting and styling seniors' hair much easier and more fun.

As you begin your search for a stylist, contact local boutiques, salons and spas to see if they have any in-house professionals who specialize in senior hair care. If the location does not, they may have a list of additional stylists in the area who can meet your particular criteria.

If you're considering hiring an at-home stylist for your aging loved one, consider the benefits these professionals may provide.

On-call convenience
One of the greatest benefits of hiring an at-home stylist is that seniors do not have to travel to an outside location to receive hair care. These professionals will come straight to the residence at a particular time, ensuring the older adult does will not have to wait at a salon for an extended period. This may be especially beneficial for seniors who have physical limitations, such as those who require a wheelchair or walker to move from place to place.

Additionally, at-home hair stylists can be called upon during unconventional business hours. If seniors require work on their hair during the early morning or late evening, these professionals may be more likely to accommodate requests since they are not limited by in-store locations.

Expert knowledge
Unlike stylists who work at salons, at-home professionals who work with seniors may be better suited to meeting the individual needs of older adults. Since these workers will be visiting particular residences and seniors, those who hire them can go through a more intensive interview process, delving into the specific background of the stylist and discovering how adept they are to working with older adults. Additionally, since many of these stylists have expertise in the realm of senior hair care, they are likely to have a greater knowledge of the particular products, cuts and styles that are most likely to increase seniors' hair health. Stylists accustomed to working with seniors can provide shampoos, cuts, braids and dyes that are less likely to damage hair.

Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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