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How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Home This Summer

As you sit out by your garden on fading summer nights, don't you just love to close your eyes and listen to the soft chirping birds and rustle of a breeze through young tree leaves? The warm weather is tantalizing to all the senses - that is until you hear the buzz and feel the prick of a mosquito.

Wouldn't summers be perfect if you didn't have to worry about pesky insects like mosquitoes or ants ruining your picnic? Unfortunately, you can't completely rid the world of creepy crawly bugs, but you can take preventative measures to keep them from bothering you this summer season.

Check out these tips and tricks for how to keep bugs out of your home and yard:

1. Sprinkle Coffee Grounds Around Entryways.
Love the smell of fresh coffee in the morning? Ants don't! According to LifeHacker, if you want to keep you home ant-free, all you have to do is sprinkle coffee grounds in front of your doors and windows - or any other area you suspect ants might be coming in from - and you'll create an instant repellent.

2. Clean With White Vinegar.
Do you have pantry moths seeking shelter and sustenance in your cupboards? AARP suggested wiping all your food containers and shelves with white vinegar. Once they're dry, sprinkle in some bay leaves. That should drive the moths away.

3. Lure Bugs Into A Fresh Fruit Trap.
If you don't want bees entering your house this season, The San Francisco Chronicle explained a simple solution using some of your own favorite summer fruits. Bees are attracted to sweet things, so place baited baggies of ripe pear or mango 20 feet from where you want to distract the bees from. leave the bags open and they will distract the bees from buzzing around your house.

However, if you have a bee hive, don't attempt to remove this yourself - call a local pest exterminator to get the job done safely.

4. Use Brown Sugar to Draw Away Mosquitoes. provided a recipe for an easy mosquito trap. All you have to do is mix together one-fourth cup of brown sugar, one teaspoon of yeast and one cup of hot water. Cut a 2-liter soda bottle in half so it acts as an easy way for mosquitoes to get in, but not out. Pretty soon the annoying bugs will know you mean business and won't come buzzing around your doorstep any more!

5. Do A Quick Inspection Of Your House.
Take some time to assess all your window screens and doorways. Make sure there are no rips or gaps that might give insects easy access to your home.

Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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