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What to Consider Before Moving Closer to an Adult Child

In today’s transient society, families are often separated by long distances. Education and career opportunities may lead adult children to other cities and states. Once settled, they may be unlikely to return to their hometown.

After retirement, a question that often comes up for seniors is whether to find a senior living community in one’s own city or to move closer to adult children. While there is no right or wrong answer, there are a few factors to consider before you decide.

Should You Retire Closer to an Adult Child?

1. Is the adult child likely to remain in their current location?

Though the idea of moving near an adult child (and the grandkids!) may be very appealing, you’ll want to make sure the likelihood of them leaving the area is slim. The last thing you want to do is uproot your life from a community you know only to have your adult child’s job transfer them to a different city.

2. Will the cost of living be affordable?

If your adult child and their family reside in a more expensive area, how will that impact your retirement savings? Moving from a rural community to a major metropolitan area may wreak havoc on your budget. Be sure you understand how expensive it will be to move to a location with a higher cost of living.

3. Are you comfortable starting over?

For older adults who are more adventurous, relocating to a different city or state can be exciting. It provides you with opportunities to explore new destinations. If you are someone who has more difficulty with change, however, moving somewhere that requires starting over might be a challenge. Make sure you consider how comfortable you are beginning a completely new life.

4. Do you have a chronic health condition?

Seniors sometimes have a desire to move closer to an adult child when their health begins to decline or they are diagnosed with a chronic illness. There is peace of mind that comes from knowing someone who loves you will be nearby in an emergency. The downside to doing so, however, is finding new physicians. It may be advisable to talk to your current physicians about finding new health care providers before you make a final decision.

5. Is the new city senior-friendly?

Some cities and towns are easier for older adults to maintain their independence. From accessible, affordable transportation options to a variety of senior living communities—spend some time researching how difficult it would be to maintain your lifestyle.

One final tip is to consider giving the move a test drive. Most senior living communities, including Sunrise, offer respite. These short-term stays can be an ideal way to determine if you would be happy relocating.

Book a Respite Stay at Sunrise

If you would like to schedule a respite stay at a Sunrise Senior Living community near your adult child, call us at 888-434-4648. We’ll be happy to help you explore your options and book a short-term stay!

Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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