Meet Your Care Team

As a Sunrise resident, you will receive care from our team of serving hearts. At Sunrise, we hire people who believe in implementing our Core Values and Principles of Service each and every day. To prepare for their role in the community, all new employees attend our internationally recognized training program offered through Sunrise University.

Our employees’ dedication to serving our residents often goes above and beyond. We recognize and celebrate these achievements by encouraging and cultivating a level of service that excels each and every day. Below, read more about some of the honors and awards that we recognize as an organization.

Founders Award
Recipients of the Founders Award truly live the Sunrise mission—to champion quality of life for all seniors. These individuals have excelled in their roles and give of their time generously to important senior advocacy groups and fundraising causes, including the Alzheimer’s Association.

Memory Care Leader
Our memory care leaders have achieved the highest levels of customer satisfaction across the organization and have successfully reduced the usage of antipsychotic medication in their Reminiscence neighborhoods. By empathetically engaging and encouraging participation in success-oriented activities, these individuals have helped to reduce stress, enhance dignity, and increase happiness in residents with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Their servant leadership and dedication to the Validation Method is exemplary.

Sunrise Nightingale Award
We recognize excellence in nursing through our Sunrise Nightingale Award. Recipients exhibit effective leadership, use of data to improve care and quality outcomes, and commitment to resident advocacy. Recognizes excellence in nursing and is based on characteristics exhibited by Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. The recipient must demonstrate effective leadership, use of data to improve care and quality outcomes, and commitment to resident advocacy.

Joy in Service
This award honors the passionate, dedicated front-line team members and department coordinators who help make residents’ lives particularly joyful—coming into the community each day with a positive attitude and contagious spirit. These individuals truly embody the qualities we look for in our team members and serve as role models to all those around them.