Designated Care Managers

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Designated Care Managers (DCMs) are a critical part of your care plan at Sunrise. Your DCM will get to know all of your likes and dislikes, and will provide regular feedback to your family and loved ones.

Because you interact with your Designated Care Manager each day, he or she will spot any subtle changes in your condition, and act quickly to provide the best possible care and service. By building a strong relationship with you and your family, your care and support can be truly personalized.

Not only will your DCM offer a helping hand and a listening ear, he or she will respect your choices about how you want to go about your day, and provide you with the support to live the way you choose.

Designated Care Manager responsibilities:

  • Focus on learning and meeting each resident’s unique needs with the support of other community team members
  • Get to know your personal preferences–such as what time you like to wake up in the morning–so that you live comfortably and on your terms
  • Assist with housekeeping, laundry, dining services, activities, and more

Benefits for the resident and family members:

  • A friend to turn to for emotional support
  • A trained professional who can note and address changes observed through ongoing personal interaction
  • A valuable contributor to a resident’s Individualized Service Plan
  • An available and reliable liaison for family members

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