Meet our Senior Resource Counselors

Ashley Beckham

Ashley Beckham

Tenure at Sunrise Senior Living:
"I have been in the healthcare industry for the past 14 years with a primary focus on geriatric nursing care."

Experience in Senior Living:
"Prior to serving as a Senior Resource Counselor, I have served as a community Director of Sales in Tennessee, as well managing the Wellness Departments at a Sunrise Community in Southern California as the Resident Care Director. I am a Registered Nurse and also a Licensed Assisted Living Administrator."

Why I love working for Sunrise:
"My favorite part of my role is being able to serve as a trusted counselor to our potential residents and families, as well as all of those who already call Sunrise their home; focusing daily on providing the highest level of Quality Care and Customer Service that makes Sunrise so special. There are so many wonderful things about working for Sunrise. My favorite is probably that Sunrise has a purpose — a true mission — that everyone understands. Even better, every team member can tell you the role he or she plays in achieving that purpose while providing positive impacts to those we care for on a daily basis."

My best advice to families or seniors looking for senior living:
"If you can do much of the legwork for your loved ones, but have regular discussions with them about their desires and preferences that seems to alleviate anxiety and foster partnership within the family. When you have a list of options ready, talk to them about communities you think are a good fit and why you like them. The more your loved ones know and are involved, the smoother their transition to senior living will be."

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